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Written at Hadley Field
New Brunswick
New Jersey
Sept7, 1934

Dear Billy: 

Thank you for you letter and the usual statement.

All through my recent series of letters I have been harping on the question of Henry and a showdown as to his intentions about liquidating his loan and equalizing the rent of the Hotel property. The latest note for rent included in the recent statement has made me see red again. Now something has just got to be done and that is all there is to it. Have you shown him my letter of July 6th for instance or will I make a copy of it and send it to him directly? And on that score Lill ought to see that paragraph and state her own reactions on the matter. I Really would be obliged to you to give me the works as to what is going to be done and when?????

I hope Henry is making money. I don't want to appear to be after him the first time he gets a "break". But my refrain isn't anything new. We, you, Lill and ARB have been been giving him a break ever since the day you phoned me to help him out of what, at the time, appeared to be a jam as to his ability to get bank or other credit. Since the beginning we have been his angel in the full sense of the word and it is time he understood that the Trust isn't his particular bankroll nor is he the particular fairhaired boy to be continuosly [[continuously]] and continually aided to exclusion of therest.

Don't forget that the Trust is supposed to be working to the end ofdistribution of assets and not the amassing of further notes mortgages or what have you. Hen evidently thinks this is going to continue to be as he wishes--that we assume the roll of private banker to him individually and exclusively but I think it reasonable to insist on the showdown I've been after for a long time now and it is up to you to produce it. Anotherthing--it doesn't look good for a Trustee to be passing honey to himself right along. I mentioned that angle before and it still holds water.

Our father told me before he died that he most certainly prayed we 'uns would get along without harsh words misunderstandings or fights. I second that prayer and feel the words heavily, so it is far from my present purpose to stir up any animosity or otherwise. But I do want FAIRNESS to ALL to prevail and Henry has no other right than to play ball with the rest of us.

Your brother,