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Written at Hadey Field
New Brunswick N.J.
Jan 14, 1935

Dear Billy:

A couple of weeks ago mother went and had a corn parred by a foot doctor who dug a lit le too deep,as usualy leaving a bad sore that semmingly wouldn't heal. I tried to get her to see a doctor but she said she hadn't seen one i in three years and would be all right. Neverthelass the foot got no better and finally I dragged her to our man Smith. Smith put on salve, gave her strict orders(my own repeated) to stay off her feet and gove the foot elevation and heat. She did so and now the cut is healing and feeling better.

The point of all this is that the doctor told me on the side that her blood pressure was too high altogether and there was definite evidence of arterio-sclerosis which in plain language is hardening of the arteries. I took him a sample of urine but that showed up every bit all right. So, without her knowing it old age has crept up so far that she must stay off her feet more and more and be reasonably careful of what she eats--not too much salt and not too much tea and cof-fee. This is not unusually the case in persons of her age and she isn't in what you'd call terrible shape. But I wish yOu would give this to Lill to read and see that when mother gets to Framingham that she sees Dr. Wood or somebody andkeeps tabs on her general condition. I'M taking her to my doc again the last of the week and want her to continue to take life easy as long as she is her in Jersey.

Thanks for the years' wishes and the same to you all

Tell Henry for me again to lay off notes and begin to pay them off!

Will be glad to have the list of assets when and if ready. The local tax man checked me on the income for1932 or 1933 recently and questioned the nontaxable amounts I put down as received from the estate. I told him about the holding and gradual liquidation of amounts we received under the will and told him taxes were being paid yearly on income received by the Trust so I donit see why we should individually pay tax on amounts from the Trust. He accepted my statement but if you have any suggestions of a kind of remark to write in on this years' return to forestall any future argument let me have it please.

Wish those bimboes would shift to Home Loan mortgages.......

Best regards

Your brother,
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