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October 13th, 1937

I do hope you will soon come to New York and pay our great city a little visit. It is very gay and lively these days, with the season in full swing and all its gala openings. We pride ourselves on our new cabaret, the International Casino, a very attractive and more sophisticated French Casino, with a better show, better food, and better air.

Our friend, Dwight Fiske, opened last week at the Savoy-Plaza again--a huge success and as one would say in Hollywood, a super-colossal opening. The crowd was extremely smart and most enthusiastic, as his new songs are eversomuch better than last year, especially one, "The Big Apple" where the climax is when Helen Hayes is playing "Victoria Regina" with one half in each cheek.

The theatre is not quite in full swing as yet and you probably have seen our latest stage offerings already last summer in England, such as "George and Margaret", "French Without Tears", and Gertrude Lawrence's "Susan and God". Bobby short is still very busy with the Buchanan show and "Three Waltzes", the latter being that delightful farce in which Yvonne Printemps plays in Paris.

Last, but not least, Cole Porter has returned, putting on a show for Clifton Webb which all his friends are very glad of. I understand Cole has written some beautiful music for Clifton. The show, I believe, will open in January.

That most glorified of night clubs, the El Morocco, opened so brilliantly the other evening, that Mr. Porona, its owner, will be given a life membership in the Social Register.

Clifton has sent out invitations for cocktails next Tuesday which really should be called "From Title to Tails" as it is expected for Helen Astor to meet Mrs. Cochran (of Cochran show fame), and Joan Shipmen Payson to meet Mrs. Jackie Schubert.

Well, I am afraid I am a bad reporter at large and have exhausted all the news in our great city, but I hope one or the other thing has amused you.

I do hope you will let me hear from you, especially if you come to New York. In the meantime, trusting my lines find you well and with many good wishes and kindest personal regards,

Believe me to be
Always faithfully,
(R.H. Waegen)

Mrs. Hugh Dillman
17840 East Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, Mich.