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March 21, 1938

Dear Anna:

The first storm of accumulated matters has blown by, and I am using this little breathing spell to let you have further details and information about the Golden Boiserie and the steel table, the photographs of which I left with you in Palm Beach. 

Upon my return, I took the price question for these items up with Mr. Seligmann. As I had told you, the Boiserie cost us a considerable amount of money, but I was under the impression that since we have given up the Palais Sagan, in Paris, and are somewhat short on space, same could be obtained at an appealing figure. 

I am glad to be able to tell you today that, after my talk with Mr. Seligmann to whom I had thoroughly explained the situation, I can give you better news that I first thought. We are willing to accept $20,000, hoping this consideration might help toward the possibility of concluding a first transaction, and that you may see your way clear to add this exceptional chef d'ouvres to your magnificent collection, though you may not be in absolute need of it--except for its rarity and beauty. 

Regarding the steel table I can give you the following information: it is of the same outstanding quality as the above. The chassis of the table has been composed from steel, copper, and gilded bronze, the top being green Parisian marble. It was executed by Gouthiere for the Queen Marie Antoinette as the decors of the eagle heads show, which were one of the Queen's most favorite symbols. The table comes from the collection of the Count de Chabanne, one more reason -