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March 29, 1938

Dear Hugh:

I have been back over two weeks now, and life again flows in its regular routine. I had written you upon my return a long letter which took a brain storm to compose, and I am somewhat worried since I have not heard from you. I wonder whether your appendix is behaving the way it should and if you are well. Won't you drop me a few lines or dash off a short wire so I can relieve my mind and not have to worry about you?

Did you get the mouthwash and first aid kit? If I am not mistaken, I had it sent on to Playa Riente.

You remember that I was busy preparing quite an outstanding Raeburn exhibition which opened yesterday most successfully. I am enclosing a newspaper report thinking it might interest you.

I have been terribly busy since my return and haven't had much time to play around. A friend of mine from Washington came and spent the weekend and we both painted the town slightly red. What's new in Palm Beach; is life still going strong, and are you giving yourself a little more rest?

Now don't forget, I want only a few lines to tell me you are well. In the meantime, every good wish.

Hastily but affectionately

(Rolf H. Waegen)

Hugh Dillman, Esq.
Sandy Loan Farm
West Palm Beach, Florida

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