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[[strikethrough]] Tuesday [[/strikethrough]]
Thur., AUGUST 2
[[August 1960 calendar]]
[[no entry]]

[[strikethrough]] Wednesday [[/strikethrough]]

Jan called and asked me to come over her house. Mother first drove me dountoun [[downtown]] to take care of some business for her. I asked Jan to stay allnight. Mom & Tom went out. When Jan came over, later Wanda, Brian, & George came over. I couldn't leave Joanie alone so we took her with us to Encanto Park. Mom was P.O.

Casualty Insurance

[[strikethrough]] Thursday [[/strikethrough]]  Sat., AUGUST 4

Jan and I didn't sleep to late. We got up and went swimming. John B came over and we just sat outside and talked. Jan left about 1.00. I watched T.V. for Part of the day. I started a new dress. It's just print and its coulauts [[culottes]]. Joe called and I talked to Ottie for a minute.

[[strikethrough]] Friday [[/strikethrough]] Sun, AUGUST 5

I went to 10:00 mass. I didn't go with Mom & Tom to the airport. Judi & Jim came home & they were real happy. They brought me a bracelet with different nuts on it. Mike & Bob got home from Grannies. Mike & I went to Jack in - . We drove by Kerrys and ske was out we waited till 11:00 and then we went to Cent. We came back and she was in. Bill told Mike he was going to come over today.

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