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The Mid-Winter meeting of the Society's Board of Directors was held at the Hotel Lexington, New York City on January 28 and 29. Three, four hour sessions were held with the following Directors in attendance: Howard E. Burr, Jon D. Carsey, William H. Coverdale, Jr., Dr. Paul B. MacCready, Sr., Dr. Paul B. MacCready, Jr., Ted Nelson, E.J. Reeves, Paul A. Schweizer, Ben Shupack, Floyd J. Sweet, Rober Symons.

Proxies were held for nearly all the absent Directors. The meeting was honored by the presence of John Agnew, President of the Soaring Association of Canada, ex officio member of the Board.

Reports of the Officers of the Society showed that the Society is in good shape. The Secretary reported that the membership is substantially the same as a year ago with a small increase in Associate Members and Subscriptions. The Treasurer's report showed a gain of $1,412.47 from 1954 operations with an on hand balance of $4,613.04 for January 1, 1955; the largest expense being the cost of our magazine, SOARING, which was $7,990.63 for the six issues published in 1954.

The President reported a considerable acceleration of interest in gliding and soaring among Government officials and that several plans are in the formulative stage for implementing glider training for the American youth.

Reports by Committee Chairmen indicated an acceleration of activity in some areas. The Membership Chairman outlined a program aimed at providing the members with increased benefits. This program will be implemented.

The Awards Committee Chairman reported progress in assembling of complete data on all trophies and awards for which the Society is the steward. During 1954 the Society awarded 87 "C" certificates; 19 Silver "C" certificates and 2 Golden "C" certificates. Some 30 legs were accumulated on Silver and Golden "C,s."

The Technical Committee reported that its most active work was in the area of flight safety and urged this work be continued. It also reported some concern over the recent publicity on flying wing sailplanes and plans papers in the near future dealing with the limitations of this type aircraft. Some recommended changes to CAR Part 20 will also be forthcoming for consideration by the Directors.

The Research Committee Chairman urged the SSA to encourage competitions for radio controlled glider models as a means of interesting younger enthusiasts in gliders. He also expressed the desire for more non-professional type papers on meteorology for publication in SOARING.

The report of the Ad Hoc Commitee on "National Structure for the SSA" was presented. After considerable discussion, it was returned the Committee with the compliments of the Board and a request that the Committee continue its study aimed at a broader and simpler plan.

The following actions of the Board will be of particular interest to members: 

Effective July 1, 1955, the Subscription price for SOARING will be increased to $4.00 per year. This will bring the price in keeping with the costs of handling Subscriptions. 

The affiliation with the Soaring Association of Canada was renewed for another year with the hope that SAC may soon be in a position to proceed on its own.

The Directors reaffirmed the objective of the SSA as stated by Warren E. Eaton, one of its founding members: "Developing a group of enthusiasts with a rich fund of practical knowledge into a basic national organization, and to broaden the sport of gliding and soaring to include its potential of worthwhile services for the benefit of Ameican aviation development."

The Board also established as its goal for 1955: "To provide every American boy with the opportunity to get into aviation through gliding and soaring - A National Air Youth Program."

An operating budget of $12,000.00 was adopted for 1955.

Two changes to the By-Laws for consideration at the next Directors' Meeting were proposed: To limit the terms of Directors to two successive terms of office with provision that they be eligible for re-election after a lapse of one year; to have annual elections at the mid-winter meeting with Officers and Directors to be installed at the summer meeting.

An exceptionally full agenda was disposed of during the day and one half meeting. The next meeting of the Board has been set for July 3, 1955 at Elmira.


Walter Hausler reported to the Directors that the SSA Film Library has been much used this pas year. Requests have exceeded the ability of the Library to provide films, but additional copies of films are being procured to remedy this.

The newest film in the Library is "Wings Like Eagles," a color film including the 1954 Contest at Elsinore. This was procured from the producers and presented to the Library by E.J. Reeves, a past President and now Treasurer of SSA. Thank you, E.J.!

The Library is still looking for more good films on soaring and will welcome any contributions.

William H. Coverdale, Jr., has accepted chairmanship of the International Sub-Committee of the Contest Committee.  Bill, a top contestant for many years in the National competitions, relieves Hugh Whitney in this job.

Hugh, a veteran crew member of the 1952 and 1954 world teams, will be graduated from Cornell University this spring. As a 2nd Lt., USAF, he will commence pilot training shortly thereafter.

The SSA Directors, at their recent meeting, authorized the entering of a U.S. team in the 1956 Internationals and advance planning is already underway.

Because of our affiliation with the National Aeronautic Association, members of the Society are entitled to membership in the NAA at the reduced price of $3.00 which is half the established NAA membership rate.

SSA members wishing to take advantage of this should submit their applications and dues through the office of the Society, Box 71, Elmira, New York.

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