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[??]    Page 2    August 2--18, 1931

The returning Pilot, including myself, a victim of Intrigue, that will[underlined] ne cleared up with Justice within it not only to myself but to the boys who earned their F.A. =.Soaring licenses, and are a disgruntled bunch. I told a little story of Wollf Hirth, the naturalized German Soaring Ace, No.One. The story was in the August[underlined] issue of The U.S. Air Service [underlined] ,agazine. This story was an attempt to sell gliding to those who "fly and read" of the cleanness and restfulness of gliding vs. the daily rub of Politics and half-truths. I thought to give the fineness of Hirth, so that we Americans do no less. Any new endeavor needs the Proper Spirit coupled with lots of Faith so the result can't nelp beingllasting.
This year at the "WASSERKUPPE of America"..One person in particular Who most of all should have had the fineness of Hirth rubbed off onto him was an example of the rottennest sportsmanship. Giving demonstration as of supposedly good fellowship connived with another one (surprised noone), to all kinds of backbiting. Perhaps he told his conscience he was a loyal American.. and he "had to eat." All the glory he KEPT ANY ONE ELSE FROM GETTING WAS SO MUCH ON THE UP AND UP FOR HIM. There you have the spirit most prevalent at the Second [underlined]year Meet. The same small spirit that ruined Commercial Aviation of "Let's Displace the Real Ones and Us Big Business Men can Make Lots of Money.
Martin Schempp was the most consistently abused. I expect it is little compensation to him to know that were not so good they would not have treated him thusly. If the decisions that were eventually go on record and remain as they are he is a technical loser. He took care to learn and practice all the rule, and once thru no fault of his, could not due to thermal abide by a rule, there was a concerted attitude led by aforementione "good sports" (when people were looking) to do him IN, just because he was a naturalized German. I felt ashamed to the bottom of my Soul for us Americans. Meet One, "good sport" was bootlicking of Hirth, now this..small guy who can win only by handicapping the good ones. WHAT IS GOING TO BECOME OF GLIDING IF THE LEADERS SET THIS KIND
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