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[[underline]] Junior Naturalists Update (Cont'd) [[/underline]]

[[underline]] 7th - 8th Grade: [[/underline]] Each session will be chock full of challenging projects appropriate for budding young naturalists. This group will be led by BNC's own Interpretive Specialist, [[underline]] Bruce VanDervort, [[/underline]] who will be helping the group: inventory and write a short trail for a nature trail that is presently seldom walked; design and build a display cage for one of BNC's captive animals considering all the various aspects of maintenance, aesthetics, cost, the animal's basic needs, etc.,; prepare an interesting workshop for the study of mammals by studying the various techniques for gathering knowledge about our furry friends such as tracking, live trapping skills and dissecting; design and shoot an 8mm movie with an outdoor education theme; and make an educational display with a wax fish replica they will learn to make from a plaster mold. An excellent opportunity for any young person interested in discovering more about a career in any aspect of natural history. 

[[underline]] PREREGISTRATION [[/underline]] FOR ALL HR. NATURALISTS [[underline]] IS REQUIRED [[/underline]] and only 72 registrants can be admitted. If you have lost your registration form from the last GFG, you may call in your registration to the Nature Center: 698-6493.

REMEMBER TO [[underline]] DRESS FOR THE WEATHER[[/underline]]!!


Our Jr. Naturalist Parent Program being offered for the first time this year has prove to be a [[underline]] very [[/underline]] popular one! Although we cannot accept any more parents (ALL FILLED UP!--SORRY!) those of you who will be participating may be interested in the program we have in store for you:

[[underline]] January 13: [[/underline]] Mr. Robert Brown will present "A Case for Stewardshuo, a background study of the interrelationships of all things, one to another." Included in the program will be some geology of this area.

[[underline]] January 27: [[/underline]] Mrs. Caroline Maslowski, a former Jr. Naturalist leader, will involve the parents in a session on "Thermal Pollution", tracing rivers to the beginning of our country and the effect we are having on them.

[[underline]] February 10: [[/underline]] Mrs. Ruth Stillwell and Mrs. Dorrie Blackmore, active birdwatchers and volunteers here at BNC, will do a Bird Workshop emphasizing identification. Binoculars (if you have them) and warm clothing will be useful as you will be observing the birds both from the Vista Room and the snow-covered trails. Note: We plan to have at least one "rare" bird at the feeders that day!

[[underline]] February 24: [[/underline]] While we're on the subject of "birds", this week Mr. Doug Saul, a former naturalist here at BNC, will focus in on a very fascinating group of birds, the owls. If out captive owls don't steal the show, Doug will use slides, study skins and props to elaborate on the unique adaptations of our local "nightwatchers". 
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