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exhibition flyers, Katherine Stinson, Laddie, (E.M.)Laird, Carl Miller, and others. These boys had started by building models that were flown by the propulsion of elastic bands. The Aero Club of Illinois was founded by Charles Dickenson, of the seed family, and Buck Weaver and Mattie Laird were the charter members. When Mattie had finished his first ship, he and Buck Weaver barnstormed all over the middle west and far North and South west. Every field was a landing field, natural aviation country.

Meanwhile in New Jersey, my brother Charlie Myers and I, were building model airplanes too. Charlie belonged to the Aero Club of New York. I was a mere girl, so contented myself with wishing I had been a boy, and helping Charlie build me a model. We covered it with some cranberrie designed red silk that my maternal grandmother had brought over from Scotland, and called the model, the Red Devil. The name was chosen for its wicked [[?]] sound, and the hope it would raise the "devil" with the long distance model record held by Percy Pearce. Quite unofficially it raised the "devil" and broke the record, ... and the cellar window!

After that I was allowed into the more hallowed meetings in the "shop", [[strike-through]] which [[/strike-through]] Pop had helped us build [[?]] on the rear of our suburban Glen Ridge [[?]] lot. I was allowed to sew wing covers on the big man carrying glider, to thread all the needles, and maybe I could even have a ride, if I didn't chatter too much, while making it. I was the only girl in a gang of builders, and developed boy's ethics, no tattletaling, no tears, even when I was crocked with a hammer one day, [[strike-through]] and [[/strike-through]] Pop made sure I heard no boy's profanity, or thought he did. I was the bandager-upper; the go-between-fibber, and Sunday School story primer-upper, when the boys were in basements whittling propellors, instead of being in Sunday School.  I was the one to look guilt, to get the punishment, and to get an [[??]] an extra ride on a home contraption,

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