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1782 ^[[(-3)]]

sol ? 
   aso'li, a place to carry at or from (H)^[[(+K)]]
   aso'lo, that which is carry from or at (H)

1783 ^[[(-4)]]

hoso'ko, they will not carried on (H) ^[[(+K)]]
hoso'li, they carried, they carried on the arm (H)
hoso'lo, state having they carry on the arm (H)

1784 ^[[(-5)]]
isso'ta, you take on (H)
isso'ti, state of being help carrying on some (H)
isso'to, that which among, then (H)

ca'ki'pa', mink ^[[(+K)]]

1786 ^[[+K]]
saq^[[q]]la', a ^[[big]] fanner or riddle ^[[tittinke (?)]]
sak'la, a sieve, Indian sieve made of cane strips (H)
   saq'liti^[[']]ca'wa, the little riddle ^[[lawistatei?]]
   saq'lapa'ta, small sifter for bread ^[[sikala'(K)]]
   saklapa'ton, one man ^[[+ they(?)]] got a sifter (058)

saska'mba a ^[[black]] bug that lives inside of a tree ^[[in junk sokso' (K)?]]

^[[in]] sa'ksawa, 
   insa'ksawa'mon, his leaf lard (088) ^[[(+K)]]
   insaksawu'mon,  " " " (089)

sakchassihchih, roomy (H)
sakchassih, roominess (H)  [[mata'ki (K)]]

1790 ^[[-1
sa'ktco, crawfish 
   sakchopatha, crawfish (H) ^[[crab]]
    sak'cho, lobster (H)
    ^[[saktco [[halu'kpa?]], a long crawfish  like a [[shot?]] (H + K)]]
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