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pot[strike[o]], to touch (also hạlai)

poto ([?])
pos ([pt.?])
    poto'lî, he touches     (+K)
    poto'lile, I touch
    poto'litcilo', you cause ^him to touch
    pototci, you touch
    potohile', we touch
    poto'helete', we 2 touched [[(2-3 days ago)]]
    potohïlạ'skîle, [strike[they]] [[we all]] touched
    potohïlạ'skï, [strike[they 2]] [[we all]]  touch

    pot'ka, touching (H)    (+K)
    pot'ko, untouch (H)
    put'li, to touch, touchiness (H)   (+K)
    put'lo, touched (H)
    put'ti, having touch, already touch (H)
    put'to, in touch (H)
    ilapoto't, together  (144)
    apot'ka, cluster (H)               (+K)
    apot'ko, clustered (H)         
    apot'li, cluster, clustering (H)
    apot'lo, having cluster in one (H)
                                                      1755 -3
[strike[pit, put (?)]]
[[nas ạłka (K)
    nas im alpitta, a place to put things in (H)
    ilbisk p[o?]t[o?]li, to put a hand on (H) (+K)
pouw'ka, a gun shoot (H)    (+K)
[[puyat,?]] powạt,
     ō'kikok powạtlefō'gon, when the water boiled(69)   [[okî'k boła'tłîfōka (K)]]
     ishpuyatli, fry (H)
     ishpuyatlihchih, fried (H)
     ishpuyatlichi, frying (H)
     ishta puyatlih, frying-pan (H)
     nipo ispoyatli, fried meats (H)   [[nîpo îsbo'ło[[superscript symbol?]]tlî (K)]]
     nipo ispoyatlichih, to frying meats (H)
     akak nipo ispoatlih, fried chicken (H)
     hlahlo ispoatlih, fried fish (H)
     kussuma ispoatlih, fried pork (H)
     asha ispoatlih, fried potatoes (H)
     akak a[[^ao]]tchussih ispoatlih, fried eggs (H)
     ishpuyatli, fry (H)
     ishpuyatlihchih, fried (H)
     ishpuyatlichi, frying, (H)
     ishta puyatlih, frying-pan (H)  îcbołạtlî (K)
     nipo ispoyatlichih, to frying meat (H)
     nipo ispoyatli, fried meats (H)
     akak nipo ispoatlih, fried chicken (H)
[[nîhata]]          [[nîha'tcî îslîbạ'tka (K)]]
     hlahlo ispoatlih, fried fish (H)
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