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1766-1     cf1302
sah, indef./[[pronoun?]]
sah'chi, sort, kind (H)(+K)
sah'ka, some sort, to 
perform duty, happen (H)
sah'ko, unhappen, without happen,
nothing happen (H)
sah'mi, what, to hap
sah'mo, mishap (H)
sa'hamin, what for (+K)
sa[superscript 3]mīfō'gon, when (it was so?)(71)
sa[superscript 3]tcilạ'k, what for, why (88)
hosa'`got, they how (137)
sa'tcuyī'hak, any kind (of snake)(138)
same'`tcok, how, in what way (139)
a'ti sa'`tik, whatever man(144)
sahmosi infaika in holchifa, within (H)
sahtih, any (H)
sahtik, atti sahtik, anybody (H), (+K) anywhere (0109)
sahmifokkon altik, anyway, anyways (H)
attih sahtik onki, anybody else (H)
nas sahtik unti, anything to come (H)
shahtik hikuli, rough-hew (H)
shahtik hikuli, sahtik inchakli, sahtik imatanotliche, 
rough-hewn (H)
atto sahmo akilon matin hupachit anuli, to ride rough shod (H)
xxx sah'ti, something happen with (H)
1767 -2
sa[[superscript symbol]]mē'mangạt, how (to do it) (15)
nas shahmi, sahmoshi, sahmi, some (H)
atti sahmi ma, somebody (H)
sahchot omi, sahmikat, mittok sahmikat, somichikat, somehow (H)
shamoshia, something (H)
sahmima, sometime (H)   (+K)
sahmillakomon, sometimes (H)
sahmikat, somewhat (H)
sahmoshi ya anaho, I have some (H)
noksi fakkak sahmin omolu, somehow another (H)
sahminni, wherefore (H)
sahka unnahunomo, sahka unnahubi, I have got time (H)

sahmexxxxxxxxxx attakali, make (H)  (+K)
ittasachih, make (H)   ?  (+K)
sạntci'tcilak ontce', why did you make it? (168)
(i)sāntci'χtcitconoñga', what is the matter with him? (what 
are you doing to him?)  (090)

asah'ka, a something to do at, from (H) asạ'ntî (K)

ihosạ'kạ, anywhere (cf. sa) iosafa'(K)

attuk sabaikon nassod sahmia, accident (H) sāmî (K)
attuk sobaikon nassod sahmihchi, accidental (H)
nas bishnak nassod in sahmima, accidentally (H)
bisnalli sahmik laua, many accidents (H)

sạqạmpạt[strike[ạ]]h atạnā'tle', square, round sokōbî
all the way round

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