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982   AVIATION   September 15, 1924

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Trade Mark

For Human Locomotion

IN the "Outline of History", H.G. Wells writes that "by 1909 the aeroplane was available for human locomotion." It is an interesting coincidence that since 1909 exactly, The Glenn L. Martin Company has been building quality aircraft.

Without discounting the vital importance of airplanes in military and strictly governmental use, it seems certain that man's most useful exploitation of the air is destined to be as a medium for his own transportation in commerce and industry.

With this end in view, Martion Margins of Safety have not only been maintained since 1909 at an usually high point, but are being steadily advanced toady to new standards. Martin engineering practice is an ever-growing power for the improvement of human locomotion. 

Builders of Quality Aircraft since 1909

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Aeronautical Instruments
Higher prices maybe; lower prices never
The last of the Government surplus instruments. BUY NOW

[[3-Column Table]]
|2604|Air or gas pressure gauge 0 to 6 lbs.|2.00|
|2651|Altimeter Tycos 5" luminus face 15000 ft.|3.00|
|2654|Altimeter Schneider 3" luminus face 25000 ft.|10.00|
|2611|Banking Indicator Elliot bubble type 0 to 20°|2.00|
|2621|*Clocks 8-day r1m wind luminus face|10.50|
|2618|Compass Durkee vertical type|15.00|
|2619|Compass Taylor pocket watch type|1.50|
|2690|Motor meter Boyce 16 ft. tube 2" non-luminus face|10.00|
|2692|Motor meter Boyce 40 ft. tube 3" luminus face centigrade|10.00|
|2693|Motor meter Boyce 20 ft. tube 4" face luminus centigrade|10.00|
|2644|Tachometer MCR 0 to 2500 RPM luminus dial|10.00|
|2642|Tachometer Jones 500 to 2500 RPM luminus dial|10.00|
|2643|Tachometer Johns-Manville 500 to 2500 luminus dial|7.50|
|2645|Tachometer Jaeger 0 to 1000 RPM luminus dial|5.00|
|2649|Tachometer Jaeger 0 to 2000 RPM luminus dial|5.00|
|2647|Tachometer Jaeger 0 to 2400 RPM luminus dial|7.50|
|2648|Tachometer Jaeger 0 to 3000 RPM luminus dial|7.50|
|2667|Shaft and cable to fit above tachometers 28"|2.50|
|2671|Shaft and cable to fit above tachometers 42"|2.50|
|2672|*Shaft and cable to fit above tachometers 6 ft.|5.00|
|2673|*Shaft and cable to fit above tachometers 7 1/2 ft.|6.00|
|2668|*Shaft and cable to fit above tachometers 9 ft.|7.50|
|2669|*Shaft and cable to fit above tachometers 10 ft.|8.00|
|2683|*Adapter to use above shaft on Warner drive, straight|2.50|
|2681|Adapter to use above shaft on Warner drive, 1 to 2|3.00|
|2684|*Adapter to use above shaft on Jaeger tachometers|1.50|
|2630|*Oil gauges 2 3/4" luminus face 0 to 120 lbs.|4 50|
|2635|Dixie two magneto switch|4.00|
|2637|*Berling single magneto switch Aluminum new type|4.00|
NOTE: Articles with star (*) are new manufactured stock.

|2602|Air gauge - to 5 or 10 lbs. 1 3/4" non-luminus face|1.00|
|2651|Altimeter Tycos 5" luminus face 0 to 1500 ft.|1.00|
|2650|Altimeter Taylor 3 1/2" luminus face 0 to 25000 ft.|3.00|
|2612|Banking indicator Sperry 2 3/4" face round type|2.00|
|2696|Air Speed indicator Bristol 40 to 150 MPH|5.00|
|2697|Air Speed indicator NCR 40 to 160 MPH|5.00|
|2698|Air Speed indicator Foxoboro 30 to 120 MPH|5.00|
|2685|Petot head for NCR new|3.50|
|2686|Venturi tube for Bristol or Foxoboro new|5.00|
|2687|Venturi tube for Badin French type double throat|1.00|
|2688|Venturi tube for Jaeger French type single throat|1.00|
|170|Copper tubing 1/8" 16 ft. lengths per foot|.15|
|172|Copper tubing 1/4" 12 ft. lengths per foot|.15|
|2615|Compass General Electric vertical Army type|10.00|
|2618|Compass RAF mark 11|5.00|
|2657|Tachometer Van Sicklen luminus dial 0 to 2500 RPM|10.00|

Write for our complete list of used instruments for experimental work, consisting of gas gauges, tachometers, altimeters, etc.
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