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but some examples of his Majesty's «right thing» for Africans who dare to assert their right.

We have not far to seek for the answer as to what will be the attitude of these Imperialist bandits to the opinions of the natives were unanimously opposed to any transfer to the Union. A splendid example of the meaning of Britain's «sacred pledge» not to transfer or violate native territories and rights is seen in the recent occurrence in the Kakamega goldfields in Kenya, where, upon te discovery of gold, these «pledges» were thrown by the board without any ceremony by Sir Cunliffe-Lister Colonial Secretary. The natives were simply expropriated and their lands handed over to the gold mining companies

That there is a secret understanding between the British ruling class and the South African Government to hand over those territories there is no doubt. The recent proposals made by the British High Commissioner, Sir Herbert Stanley at a «private» meeting with the native Chiefs, to give to the High Commissioner the right to depose a chief and to hand over the control of the native courts to white magistrates are indicative of the attempt to entirely deprive the natives of hese territories of the few remaining rights which they possess and to rivet more completely the yoke of slavery around their necks.

What must be done to prevent the carrying through of this Imperialist scheme to rob the natives of their land and to compel them to work as peons for the white landholders And for the Chamber of Mines? We must organize and develop a mighty protest movement of black and white workers to defeat the schemes of Anglo-Boer Imperialism.

The task of the revolutionary movement of South Africa must be the mobilization of the black and white workers of the Union and the natives of the protectorates to fight against and resist every attempt of the Imperialist rulers to hand over the natives like so much chattle from the domination of one Imperialist group to another. The British white workers must show their solidarity with the native toilers of Africa by mass protest meetings and actions against the nefarious schemes of the British Imperialists, and for the independence of these territories from British rule and control.

WE MUST MOBILIZE THE MASSES FOR STRUGGLE AGAINST BRITISH AND AFRICAKNDER CAPITALISM UNDER THE SLOGANS OF: Complete independence for Basutoland, Bechuanaland and Swaziland! Out with the Anglo-Boer Imperialists from the native territories! The right of the natives to determine their own forms of Government and rule! For a Native South African Republic!


Support the Chinese People in their Struggle against Japanese Imperialism! 

TheJapanese Imperialists have served notice to the rest of the Imperialist powers that Japan considers China her special preserve and have issued a declaration to the effect that from now on she must be considered as the ruler and arbiter of East Asian affairs. In her declaration Japan states that she is called upon «to exert the utmost effort in carrying out her mission and fulfilling her special responsibilities in East Asia» and that she will be against any undertaking of the other powers to supply China with military aeroplanes military instructors, technical and financial aid. The Japanese Ambassador to the United States declared that Japan «must act and decide alone what is good for China». 
Japan has already occupied and established her rule in Manchuria, she has conquered Jehol and she has brought North-China under the sphere of influence of Japanese capital. Now she is out to establish her complete domination over China to the exclusion of her rival Imperialist robbers, the United States, England and France. 
What is the meaning of the Japanese declaration? It can be no other than that Japan proclaims China a Japanese protectorate. China will not be able to establish any undertaking with other powers without Japanese consent. It means that attempt of Japan to turn China which has hitherto been the sphere of influence and concessions, the source of raw material and the investment market of all the Imperialist powers, into an exclusive Japanese colony. 
Japan's declaration is an open challenge to American, British and French capitalism who under the «open door» policy and the Nine Power Treaty have devided China into spheres of exploitation and plunder. Japan's policy is to leave this «door» open only for the exploitation of the Japanese Imperialists.
The Japanese declaration has no other meaning than the establishment of her overlordship and domination over the Chinese people. to destroy the last vestige of independence of China and turn the Chinese people into colonial slaves to be mercilessly exploited and plundered by the Japanese ruling class.
In her assumed role of the Gendarme of Asia, one of Japan's immediate aim will be to crush the Chinese revolution and to destroy the Soviet territories, which comprise over one-sixth of China with a population of over 80.000.000 people and is under the rule of the workers and peasants. It is the Soviet power 


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