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The Negro Worker
NR 4   AUGUST 1934   VOL.4 


To the Negro People of the world!

On August 4th, 20 years ago, the bloody world war began. Today, 16 years after the end of the Imperialist War which we were told would be <>, we are faced with the most feverish preparations by the imperialist countries for another more terrible slaughter of the people. 


Over 10 million people killed. Millions more wounded and crippled. The most miserable poverty and privations for the toiling population of the capitalists countries and the colonies.

Instead of the DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM promised, the Negro toilers in Africa, America and the West Indies have received nothing but increased poverty, misery and terror.

What was the reward for the so-called heroic deeds performed? It was no other than increased lynchings, new and more drastic slave laws, intensified repression and cold blooded murder!

Instead of prosperity, we have been subjected to the terrible scourge of unemployment, poverty and starvation. In the place of relief, the Imperialist rulers, increase our taxation, rob us of our land and subject us to forced labour. When we protest and strike against these unbearable and inhuman conditions, we are brutalized and shot down like dogs, IN ORDER THAT THE RULING CLASS MAY MAINTAIN ITS SLAVE SYSTEM THROUGH WHICH IT GRINDS HUGE PROFITS OUT OF OUR SWEAT AND BLOOD.

In the last war over 200.000 African natives served in the French Army. More than 300.000 Negroes were used as cannon fodder by the British, American and Belgian Imperialists in their fight for the domination and subjugation of the world. 

The Negro workers were conscripted and inducted into the Army with the lying and deceptive promises of justice, democracy and national emancipation. In this deception the white ruling class was ably assisted by the Negro misleaders like Moton and Du Bois in the United States and Diagne in French Africa, who preached loyalty to the Negro soldiers and held up lying promises for better conditions after the war.

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