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George Schuyler, the well-known Negro reformist newspaper correspondent, who poses before the oppressed masses of his race in America as one of their most "radical" leaders, to-day stands like Dr. Johnson, exposed as a mere demagogue, phrase-monger and fraud, who delights in making "left" speeches about "Negro freedom", "the liberation of the working class" and things of the sort, but does nothing to actively aid in carrying on the struggle against American imperialism. Behind this kind of "left" demagogue, Schuyler has been able to mislead certain sections of the Negro middle-class youth in America in supporting his petty shop-keeping schemes, but his recent conduct in connection with Liberia shows him for what he is, a tout of the ruling class of America and one of the greatest enemies of the Liberian masses.

Mr. Schuyler has tried his best to help the Firestone Co. to fasten its stranglehold over one and a half million black men, women and children in Africa. Let us see how this lickspittle played his part.

Some months ago, Schuyler was sent to Liberia by a group of white capitalist newspapers, chief among J.P. Morgan's "New York Evening Post", for the purpose of completing the task which his bed-fellow, Dr. Johnson, started earlier in the year.

As to be expected of a typical middle-class phrasemonger,charlatan and bombast, Schuyler continued to whitewash the Firestone Co. of its crime against the oppressed masses of Liberia. The goodly gentlemen was so hypnotized by what he considered an important journalistic mission for Wall street bankers, that all  he could see was the misdeeds of a handful of native politicians like President King and his gang, who after all, were the henchmen of Firestone.

The Americans now consider the time favorable to prepare the way for open annexation of Liberia, so their scheme is to mobilize the public opinion of the so-called civilized world - by this they mean the other imperialist nations - and have them believe that the American capitalists are more humane than the Liberian ruling class, and therefore justified to take over the full administration of the country in order to "safeguard" the interest of one and a half million natives who inhabit the hinterland, and who form the source of labour supply for Mr. Firestone and the other European imperialists who own plantations in the Congo, Fernando Po, and the Guinea Coast.

This is an old imperialist trick. But such is the stupidity of the man, George Schuyler, the lackey and intellectual prostitute of Messrs. Firestone and Co. that he is unable to see through the whole nefarious scheme of his masters.

The capitalist proprietors and editors of the "New York Evening Post", the leading propagandists of American imperialist expansion in Africa, were so pleased with the slanderous articles of "Uncle Tom" Schuyler, especially his glorification of Firestone's love and kindness for the Africans (strange Firestone's philantropic reputation among his white slaves in his rubber factories in Akron, Ohio, is still to be discovered by Mr. Schuyler!), that they gave the widest publicity to the articles, not only in their own press, but they found Negro reformist papers like the "Pittsburgh Courier" base enough to publish this kind of imperialist propaganda against a little Negro state.

This again shows us how depraved and bankrupt the vast majority of Negro newspaper editors are. They will sell themselves and the masses for a few crumbs from their overlords under the belief that they are supplying their readers with "news". This is just how Schuyler tries to cover up his treachery.
Now what is the purpose of this vicious campaign of lies carried on against this little Negro republic? On the one hand, the American capitalist press is trying to free Firestone of all responsibility for the widespread existence of forced 


labour in Liberia, and on the other, supporting the American capitalists in Africa by pointing to their moral obligation of setting themselves up as self appointed trustees like Great Britain.

This in brief is the whole motive back of all the dirty work started by the investigation commission and endorsed be the renegate and "socialist", George Schuyler.

America supported by League of Nations

The stage is fast being set for the final enslavement of Liberia. The next step will witness the open annexation of the country as a colony of Yankee imperialism under the guise of a mandate. Already some of the leading powers in the League of Nations have indicated their willingness to approve of such an step by America notwithstanding the fact that Liberia is a member of the league, while America is not.

For example, in a symposium on Liberia published in "West African Review" (August 1931) - an origin of British imperialism - we quote the following illuminating excerpts which should tend to remove any doubts from the minds of the most naive people like Mr. Schuyler, concerning the attitude of the white imperialist powers towards this land of the blacks.

The Right Hon. W. G. Ormsby-Gore, M.P. Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies in the late Conservative Government, writes:

"I hold very strongly that the European Powers, and particularly Great Britain, must keep out of Liberia and decline to take any responsibility whatsoever. The real responsibility already rests, and must continue to rest, on the Government and people of the United States of America. Rule in Liberia is exercised exclusively by American Negroes sent there, established, financed and supported by the United States. The United States in general, and the Firestone Company in particular have, de facto, a complete stranglehold over the country. (emphasis mine - G.P.) The financial adviser to the Liberian Government has always been an American. Only one Government has the Power to effect reform, and that is the Government of the United States - and having all the power and all the assets in its control it, eo ipso, has the responsibility."

Sir Alfred Sharpe, K.C.M.G, a British Colonial Governor, says: 

"There is only one remedy, and that is for Liberian territory to be taken over by one of the white nations (emphasis mine - G.P.) and put in proper order. Who is to do this? It comes down to a question of America or England. There is only one other nation which might be said to be interested, individually, in Liberia, and that is France, for the reason that she would like to have a right of way from her own hinterland of French-Guinea across Liberian territory to a port on the Liberian coast.

America is interested, firstly, from the fact that the United States were responsible for the creation of this Black Republic, and secondly owing to their large financial interests there, the Firestone Rubber Company, and the loans made from America." (emphasis mine - G.P.)

Mr. R.C.F. Maugham, C.B.E., who from 1313 to 1920 was His British Majesty's Consul-General in Liberia, has the open affrontry to remark:

"That Liberia should longer be permitted to remain an independent Republic is neither more nor less than a scandal which the League should lose no time in bringing to an end. It may safely be said that Liberians as a whole cannot be entrusted with the governance of between one and two millions of helpless Africans, nor should a division of the West African coast lands, situated between two progressive colonies, be permitted longer to stagnate in their unworthy,

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