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I. White and Negro Population of the United States 1790-1930 | 9-10

II. Per Cent Increase of Population by Color and Geographic Areas. United States 1920-1930 | 11

III. The Growth of the ten Largest Centers of Negro Population Since 1900 and Per Cent Increase 1920-1930 | 12

IV. Distribution of every 1,000 Total and Negro Workers by Broad Occupational Groups. The United States, 1930, 1920, 1910 | 13

V. Distribution of Negro Workers. Number and Per Cent in 
New Occupational Groups, 1930 | 15

VI. Distribution of Negro Retail Dealers in the United States and
Per Cent Change 1930-1920 | 16 

VII. Population Per Each Professional Worker by Color. The 
United States 1920 and 1930 | 18

VIII. Proportion of Women Fifteen Years Old and Over Gainfully 
Occupied. By Color and Nativity for the United States. 1930,
1920 and 1910 | 19

IX. Number, Per Cent Distribution and Per Cent Change in Selected 
Occupations. Total and Negro Workers. United States 1930 
and 1920 | Appendix
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