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us: 'If F. D. R. and Ma Perkins are successful in making peace between Lewis and Green, the fat will be in the fiire. Then the Jews will have it, with a downhill pull'."

And of course the Communist Party is dragged ni as part of the International Jewish Bankers plot, part of the international "central" apparatus.

Earl Browder, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the United States, is likewise–for the purpose of fascist reaction–declared to be "Jewish." All Jews are Communists, and the "purity" and "security" of the United States has to be defended, they say, against the Jewish Communist invasion. This is the height of the ludicrous: that at one and the same time the Jews are International bankers who control the wealth of the country, and the Communists who wish to achieve socialism! 

The sad commentary is that of the 4,500,000 Jews, the Party, which has a total membership of about 100,000 has as one if its weaknesses the failure to recruit sufficiently among the Jewish masses.

The American anti-Semites, the crude Coughlins and Trues, as well as those who peddle the fine-spun variety, only repeat the arguments of Hitler, who in his recent speech in Berlin on January 30, 1939, hurled new insults at the United States, called Harold L. Ickes a "foreign agitator," prated about "Jewish capitalistic propaganda" in America, about the war-mongering "international Jewish financiers," and the Bolshevik "Jews,"–and with Hitlerian characteristic hurled new threats and insults at the Negro people. 

Now, it may seem that such statements ass those given above are too absurd to be believed by anyone–but all anti-fascist fighters should give serious thought to the statement by Comrade Dimitroff, at the Seventh World Congress:

"Many comrades did not believe that so reactionary a variety of bourgeois ideology as the ideology of fascism, which in its stupidity frequently reaches the point of lunacy, was capable of gaining a mass influence at all. This was a great mistake. The putrefaction of capitalism penetrates to the innermost core of its ideology and culture, while the desperate situation of the broad masses of the people renders certain sections of them susceptible to infection from the ideological refuse of this putrefaction. We must under no circumstances underrate this fascist capacity for ideological infection." (Page 73. "United Front Against Fascism and War." Seventh World Congress.)


The first question: do the Jews control the economic and political life of America?

There are around 4,500,000 Jews in the United States. Our Jewish population has grown as follows: In 1826 there were 6,000. From 1881 to 1936–2,419,916 Jewish immigrants came to our shores. The highest peak of immigration was between 1901 and 1910. Around a million Jews came to America in that decade.From 1931 to 1936, the Jewish immigration dropped to 26,042 for the total six years. 

About half of the Jewish population lives in New York City. Eleven large cities contain about 69% of the Jewish population. Sixty-eight cities of over 100,000 population, contain 84% of the Jewish population. About 1.2% of Jews live in incorporated areas of 2,500 or less; while about 1.5% live in unincorporated areas. The Jewish farm population is about 100,000. (See John Arnold "The Jews in America," Jewish Life, Nov., 1938.)

It is a plain fascist lie that Jews own or control the wealth of the United States. The overwhelming majority of the Jews are workers and small business people, who toil for their daily bread. The magazine, "Fortune," stated: "The great mass of the 4,500,000 American Jews, like the great mass of American non-Jews is made up of workers, employed 
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