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favor with reaction by Red-baiting, to prove to the non-Jewish world that Jews are not Communists.


The problem of Jewish refugees from the fascist countries, already of serious proportions, has become enormously aggravated as a result of the Nazi Pogroms of unprecedented barbarity. The first question is: upon whom lies the responsibility for the barbarous assaults on the Jewish people? The answer is, upon Hitler and his reactionary accomplices, particularly Mr. Chamberlain. These assaults grew directly out of the Munich Accord. The scheme of Mr. Chamberlain to ship hundreds of thousands of Jews to some uninhabitable portion of the world, is part of his whole nefarious scheme for the support of Hitlerism. Such a fantastic proposition should not , and could not be entertained for one moment by democracy-loving people. It is clear that a fight for the refugees is bound up with the whole struggle against the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo alliance. There must be no concession to the fascist principle to rob and plunder a whole minority people. The progressive forces can and must fight for the right of the Jews to live in the country of their birth and training, including Germany. An International Conference of all democratic powers, including the U.S.S.R., is the need of the hour.

In the United States, we must call upon our government to extend our traditional right of asylum to all those who are in danger of attack from Hitler, of all who have been forced to flee the prison-house of fascist Germany. To those who raise the question of jobs, we must explain to them that ample resources exist in our country to make jobs for millions of Americans; the job question is not decided by a few thousand refugees — the job question will be decided by the advance of the democratic and people's front, the curbing of the power of the big monopolies in the economic 


life of the country. 

In this connection, the question is being asked about Mexico and her policies on the Jewish refugees from Germany. First it must be stated that Mexico has extended her traditional right of asylum to the refugees, but unfortunately, because of the decades of robbery by the Standard Oil and Royal Dutch Shell Corporations, the Mexican economy is in a very bad state which——aggravated at the present moment by the machinations of Chamberlain and Wall Street against the Mexican people——renders Mexico unable to give an unlimited right of asylum.


How should one regard the question of emigration of the Jews to Palestine? 

Large numbers of Jewish people have illusions about Palestine. The problem of the emigration of the Jews to Palestine is interlinked with the creation of cooperation and amity between the Arabs and the Jews. This can be carried out only on the basis of a program of equal participation of Arabs and Jewish people, struggle against the penetration of fascist propaganda, the struggle for democratization against the British Tory policy of "Divide the Rule."

In such a manner it is possible to favor further emigration to Palestine, with the full consent of the Arabs, based on mutual understanding, with the rights of the Jews guaranteed as a national minority. 


It is an established fact that Nazi agents work in close conjunction with, the encouragement of, or at least with the benevolent indifference of the fascist-minded circles of America, and their spokesmen. 

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