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H. Napoleon Henderson's Critque [[Critique]]

Drawings for tapestries to be made for Atlanta International Airport Commission (21,000). 2 panels each are to be constructed. Each will measure 14x10 feet. The completion date is August 1, 1980. The work is primarily organized in curveliness forms based around a central pyramid—and the compositional form of a woman. A collective process for the sketches was used—different people worked on them. The figures in the compositions are mainly female.

A thumbsucking figure raised a lot of discussion as to its positive/negative connotation. 

Stevens - the left side of the sketch needs to be developed further.

Henderson - related the inspiration and symbolic meanings of each section of his sketches.

I. Frank Smith's Critique

Acrylic painting/patchwork/applique on fabrics. Main compositional elements:

a. use of inverted images
b. "void" areas have eyes and designs
c. 3 systems of "folks" - snake - like figures

figures with heads turned outward
figures with heads turned inward

He makes use of "design patches" to make his quilts. The works are a mixture of applique, in a variety of joining techniques-stitches, painting, etc. 

"sleepwalker" dream patterns-some are just imagined
"Neferatiti" [[Nefertiti]] 

White areas in the works will be "closed down" definition - closing down - filling in void areas with patterns. 

The work has a child-like appearance. A big, radiating bulb is suggested by his use of fringes.

*Nelson Stevens - mural in Tuskeegee [[Tuskegee]] Alabama. Help is needed from February to June. 

Total size 70x35 feet. The mural will be painted on 4x8 feet panels. 

***DUES ARE DUE!! $5.00 per month/$50 per year
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