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Sherman Beck BLOWS MINDS. Be a Libra. He don' write on his pieces. He don' even name 'em. Don' need to. His Locus; the black/people/mind. Images come exploding out at you past a thousand infinities.  It's deep. Yeah.
He sayin    exceed your possibilities, people!

Gerald Williams got something for you. A piece called "Wake Up." You hip to King Alfred?/Off. U.S. Govt. Campaign re: black folk? You should be. see Gen-o-cide. You better. 

Oshun, Oba, and Yansan..."Wives of Shango" by Jeff Donaldson.  Three sisters in proud affirmation of their womb-manness. Wives of Shango consorts to the god of thunder armed and ready to 

exquisitely honored by
Jeff Donaldson
...who loves us.

The ten bad relevant artists usher in a rich phenomenon--COOLADE COLORS. You hip to our flavor/hues? Orange, grape, 

Can't nobody do in/with/to them
what we were born knowing
where/when/how to do. Click.

(On my way out the gallery I saw a Sunday sister in a tunic -- 1/2 orange, 1/2 lemon-lime, and 1/2 size too small.) Aw right! They Know! COOLADE COLORS for days! And they jus don' be puttin reds and yellows and purples and greens together to be singingno rainbows. see Dells.

they make 'em jump out/beat out your heartthrob.
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