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25th carried two passengers in a Gyro-powered Heinrich biplane to 6500 feet in a 1 hour, 37 minute flight.
  On July 1st the Simplex Aircraft Company was formed at New Haven Connecticut by V.J. Mayo, Chance M. Vought and MacGordon to manufacture the Mayo biplane.  Through July and early August he was flying both the Mayo and Heinrich planes at Garden City and carried many passengers.  During the last half of August he did some test flying for the Gallaudet Company, then early in September he became an instructor at the Canadian Curtiss flying school at Toronto, Canada instructing on land planes with Victor Carlstrom and Bert Acosta.  This was a large school, training Canadian World War I Cadets and a great number of student were taught there that fall.  The school closed for the winter in mid-October, and before he left MacGordon made 21 consecutive loops during a joyride flight by himself.  He returned to New York in early November where he was awarded the 1915 Aero Club of America Medal of Merit for his altitude flight with two passengers earlier in the season.   
  During the early spring months of 1916 MacGordon became an instructor at the Newport News, Virginia Curtiss School with Victor Vernon.  In March Curtiss delivered some new higher powered Model "R" planes to the school and MacGordon started flying them.  The school grew rapidly and was training large groups of American and Canadian students.  
That spring MacGordon also did some test flying of Sturtevant planes for Grover Loaning at Boston Massachusetts.  On April 1st he flew a Curtiss Model R from Newport News to Washington, D.C., circled the capitol and returned, non-stop, in 4 1/2 hours carrying a student passenger, a new cross-country record.  On April 8th he set an altitude record of 14, 800 feet at Newport News carrying a passenger.  During the latter part of May he flew from Newport News to Sheepshead Bay, Long Island in a model R carrying Max Goodnough as a passenger.  There he flew for one week demonstrating the plane at a Military Preparedness Tournament, then returned to Newport News. 
  On June 6th MacGordon was giving student E.C. Keefer some final landing practice in a "Jennie" before allowing him to make his first solo flight.  They

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