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ST3-2 FDF meeting
(Dan Bland, CG book managers, CB)
overall manager for ST3-2 = Dick Snyder CG3
Duane Morel CG5
current book manager listing:
CUE CARDS  CG5/Jack Compton  Richards
CREW SYSTEMS  CG3/Frank James  Ride
ASC PKT  CG5/Mack Robinson  TJ
EVA ops  CG5/Bob Schaf  TJ
EVA C/I  CG3/Terry Neal  (TBD)
ASC C/L  CG5/Pearline Collector  TJ
ASC C/L, ADA EDW  "  TJ/Nagel
PDP (1-6)  CG5/Mimi Lau  TJ/Nagel
PDP (7-18)  CG5/Tucker Pleice  TJ/Nagel
ENT C/L  CG5/Bill Anderson  Nagel
ENT PKT  CG5/Mike Hudson  Nagel
CAP  CG5/Ferguson  Ride
PHOTO/TV  CG3/Dave Brooks  Ride
ORBIT PKT  CG5/John Bearley  Ride
ORBIT OPS  CG5/Mark Rowles  Ride
MAPS/CHARTS  CG5/John Rivers  (TBD)
UPDATES  CG5/Francisco Torres  Richards
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