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A brief chronology of the mission operations participation in the countdown activities as perceived by the Mission Control Center (MCC) in Houston follows (KSC ice team activities are shown only to provide a reference from a timeline standpoint):

Date/Time (GMT)                       Activity
(No console support prior to decision to postpone 1/26 launch attempt)
January 26 Launch Attempt:
25/12:40           Start comm activation.
25/15:05           Scrub Countdown for January 26 launch attempt.
January 27 Launch Attempt:
27/04:18           Integrated Communications Officer (INCO) command
                   comm/inst system to launch configuration.
27/05:10           Flight Director (FD) abort advisory command checks
27/05:30           FD GO for tanking.
27/10:07           Crew awake.
27/12:56           Crew ingress/comm.
27/13:15           Microswitch problem reported on hatch.
27/14:10           Hatch handle problem reported.
27/15:30           Hatch handle problem resolved.
27/17:35           Launch scrub due to KSC winds.

January 28 Launch Attempt:
27/21:44           Mission Evaluation Room (MER) Manager requested MCC
                   flight control team concurrence to enable reaction
                   control system (RCS) injector heaters for launch.
28/01:46           Ice reported on pad (over operational
                   intercommunication system (OIS) loop.)
28/04:39           MER Manager requested team concurrence to waive
                   Launch Commit Criteria lower limit of 31°F, if
28/04:50           MCC team concurrence given to launch with RCS
                   injector heaters enabled.
28/05:12           Flight Director concurred with a possible waiver of 
                   31°F lower limit (no systems limitations
28/05:39           Flight Director GO for tanking.
28/05:45           Meeting in firing room 2 at KSC.  Decision made to
                   perform an ice inspection.
28/06:35           Pretanking chilldown terminated for loss of fire
                   and leak detection on pad.  Team dispatched to pad
                   to repair sensing equipment.  Ice inspection team
                   also dispatched.
28/08:00           Ice team return from pad.  Meeting in firing room
                   2.  Decision to continue tanking and perform
                   another walkdown during T-3 hour hold.
28/09:55           Tanking resumed.
28/10:18           Crew awake.
28/11:54           Ice team at pad B for walkdown during T-3 hour
28/12:30           Alternate TAL site (Casablanca) declared NO-GO
                   because of precipitation and low ceilings. No
                   impact because primary TAL site (Dakar) had
                   acceptable weather.

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