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January 6

1978 - Friday - 18° at 6 AM. Sun 7:20 - 4:43 Breakfast before Mass. Cleaned & waxed front hall woodwork. I started staining Grandfather Clock - Wes liked it. Temperature rose to 43° in P.M.
Stopped after lunch & nap at Stop & Shop - bought red cotton material to try a skirt pattern. Also bought velveteen for Prune Pillow backing.

1979 - Saturday - 20° at 6 AM. Snow over night - about 4". Slipped going up hill to Mass.
Sun 720/444. After Mass continued over to Stop & Shop gasoline - dry run to Helene Merrick's house on Peaceable Street - Couldn't find it. Plowed and shoveled snow from terrace - Hobbies. I made carrot salad for St Elizabeth Seton Feastday supper - To Ridgebury School to leave that after picking up Helen - on to Keller's for drink - then to supper at 6 pm.
Home at 8 pm to watch "When the Boat Comes In"

1980 - Sunday - 12 degrees at 6:15 - cold, sunny day. To 8 o'clock Mass! Sun 7:20 - 4:43. 
Wes did work - balanced books - $1.00 out.
I made kitchen curtains from "Wildflower" sheet 
To Koss' at 5 o'clock - cocktail party for Father Tighe - now pastor St. Leo, Stamford.

1981 - Tuesday - 6 degrees at 6 AM. Sun 7:20-4:44.
To Mass. Very cold. Drove by Bogus Rd. property with Alex & Helen to see sun direction. Very pleased
Wes went to bank, Marcus, gasoline and windshield wiper solvent - and drug store. I took Apple Cone apart - made applesauce - polished silver tray.
Took down Christmas tree - consolidated ornaments and light - threw away a lot of boxes - cut off branches to put on perennial garden. Snow started at 9 pm.

1982 - Wednesday - 26 degrees at 6 AM. Sun 7 20 - 4 43 Cloudy all day - No lunch in the Solar

To bank, Marcus - Basics - Tailor to pick up Wes' jacket - lunch - nap. Wes finished plotting of wall garden - now needs names. I took off Zipper and belt of pink tweed skirt - replaced them with 2" off - what a job. Wes worked in shop. To Vargas at 7 pm for drink, coffee and dessert.

January 7

1978 - Saturday - 30 degrees at 6:30 - To Mass. Light snow a bit slippery driving to church (Rectory) New Rectory on Ridgebury Road making good progress - windows are in Did polishing of front hall furniture. I finished staining Grandfather clock. Hobbies until time for 5 o'clock Mass. Took ziti for church supper following - sat with Helen & Alex, McKeons, Kellers and Anne & Frank Tracy.

1979 - Sunday - 27 degrees at 7 AM - Light snow falling - all day until temperature rose (42 degrees at bedtime) and turned to rain. To 9:30 Mass. Billie Newell phoned - we decided not to go to Sylvia Barry's sale account weather. We shoveled snow (Wes did it again in afternoon). Otherwise quiet day - Wes in shop - I finished secretary pillow except for tent stitch border. Reception so poor we couldnt watch "Duchess of Duke Street"

1980 - Monday - 26 degrees at 6 AM - Cold - cloudy - some light snow showers and hail around noon.
To 7:30 Mass - Father Robert McBride taking over during January as Fr. Medynski is on study sabbatical 
To Greenhouse meeting at 10 o'clock - shopped Brunetti before & Stop & Shop following. Finished second kitchen curtain - started casserole for Sunday's luncheon Wes to Agway for birdseed - Marcus - Levine for steam fittings

1981 - Wednesday - 30 degrees at 7 AM (Slept late) About 5" of snow. Sun 7:20 - 4:45. Wes used tractor - first time as all other snow has been light. Shoveled terrace. About 35 mallards at one time - quite a few came back during day. Mrs Dubay searching for white geese - we didn't see them today - chased them yesterday  - she says something killing them.
Hobbied - put plants back in livingroom.

1982 - Thursday - 36 degrees at 6 AM - Cloudy day - in the 30's, dropping to 20's at night. Sun 7:30 - 4:44
To Mass. Martha Rothman was elected State Representative. To Ridgefield - bought metal refuse case - mice had chewed hole in the plastic barrel to reach the birdfood - Bought plastic cake pan for microwave oven. Mailed Blue Cross form on drugs - Bissells signed mine. To Danbury Hilton for lunch - terrible road - gloomy looking building but good food and waiter. Home for nap. Electric bill was $95.08. Took plants from Solar to kitchen for night & turned off heater.
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