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April 7

1978 - Friday - 42º at 6 AM - Cloudy - light rain over night - continued in morning - not much but cold and damp. We made cookies and bread - one big Graham loaf. Dan Macklin stopped by - he has put his house on the market. Male Mallard keeping a lonely vigil. Replaced furniture in bedroom - rug finally dry. Paid income taxes. Eileen sent me copy 4/1 Forbes article on Texaco.

1979 - Saturday - 29º ay 5:45 - Clear - windy Caught squirrel at breakfast time # 26. Pair Mallards came out of juniper over little bridge - female wouldn't eat - went back on nest - he drove off another pair. Too cold for outdoor work - went to Mass - Wes drove to Marcus for cream. I cooked dinner - MQ & Jule coming at five. Mr. Ongaro here to look over stone step work - decided to have two steps center of terrace to lawn and redo front steps.

1980 - Easter Monday - 33º at 6 AM. Partly cloudy. Saw first kingfisher of season at breakfast time Became beautiful day. Did wash. Cleaned guestroom and made beds - Ginger & Herb coming tomorrow night. Transplanted weeping Hemlock, Picea glauca conica, ilex, Euonymous Aldenhamensus, Wilton juniper on back bank - looks good. Planted miniature plants in trough - Wes moved one blueberry. Took chains & plow off tractor. Good work day.

1981 - Tuesday - 27º at 5:45. Sunny - pair of Wood Ducks on pond - have to get up early to see them.
To Mass. I went to Carol Stoddard's at nine and she drove to Sandy Cowser's for horticultural meeting. After we and Nancy McDaniel worked at Ballard Memorial Garden. Wes, after a shop hour, worked at Bogus site moving wood. I joined him - we had a sandwich lunch and worked in afternoon there Mike Mannion told us we would get the construction loan.

1982  Wednesday - 18º at 6 AM - mostly cloudy - still windy - cleared before noon - very windy. Day of digging out of foot of snow. Mike had plowed driveway - Wes dug path to front door and to bird feeders. I pushed snow off solar roof - thick ice on low curved glass - fell off where sun warmed it. We had lunch in the Solar. Cleared off part of deck - snow was high in kitchen corner. Waxed bedroom & Powder Room doors.

April 8

1978 - Saturday - 36º at 6 AM - clear - very cold - became cloudy later. Wes started installing the mailbox - Had gone to 7:30 Mass - to Stop & Shop afterwards - gasoline - inquired at Shell station about renting van - only trucks. Picked up Tibor & Gizella at 12:15 - to Fishmarket Inn, Amawalk, Good fish dinner (luncheon half price) ride back thru Granite Springs & Brewster - to Confession - to look at Mannion House on Benson Road - rode through new roads off G W Highway. Early to bed - I have a cold.

1979 - Sunday - 22º at 6 AM - Fair - Cold! Ice on front pond. Caught #27 squirrel at breakfast time - two more before going to Mass at 9:30 - nos 28 & 29!
Wes balanced books - I worked with little plants in cellar - put some in coldframe but took them in again after lunch when became cloudy and colder - checked veg garden - nothing coming up. Nap, short work on hobbies - to Billie Newell's at 5 o'clock for a drink.

1980 - Tuesday - 42º at 6 M - cloudy. To Mass as dental appointment 8:30 - Wes had no cavities. I had xrays and an appointment for the 15th.
Shopped Grand Union & Cheese Shop - Stop & Shop & wine. Picked up my gray coat at Annesi Tailors - had shortened. Prepared for Diensts - who arrived at 5:45 - Coggeshalls here at 6:15. Pleasant evening.

1981 - Wednesday - 32º at 6:15 - Fair - beautiful day. Wes put in pea fence - with one section of chicken wire - I planted peas - one full row this year. Cut off dandelions across big hedge. To bank - left Wes' razor for repair - shopped Posies and Agway for corn - no more thistle seed. To Bogus - rolled big logs to roadside - Mike had cut off log stumps in septic field. Village phoned our construction loan approved. Wes had indigestion.

1982 - Holy Thursday. 22º at 6 AM - Sun up.
Sunny - lovely cold day - more March than April. To Bethel - Post Office - mailed tax returns and Easter card to Mrs. Long - shopped Basics - loads of people - road in very poor condition except for the immediate area. Uncovered lettuce - amazed to see it still unfrozen - covered it up again at 4:30. Shoveled deck - Wes split wood. Early supper as went to 8 o'clock service.
Saw about five deer on Vargas grounds at 8 AM.
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