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April 29

1983 - Friday - 55° at 6AM.  Sun rises north of hill light - reaches us at 6:29 - Official rise 5:59 - 
Not a bad day - clouded up in afternoon but that kept the temperature down.  Bollard Garden work day - lots of ladies - Worked hard in digging up daylilies - transplanting roses - cultivating beds - lunch followed - went to the bank and Stop & Shop enroute home.  Gave 2 Pixie tomatoes to McKeons and Nancy Carroll Draper.  Was put on more screens - Cut a tree down in North Side - put out Swing time.

1984 - Sunday - 47° at 6AM - cloudy.  Daylight Savings time begins - Became a sunny day - high 75° - warm without any leaves out to give shade. 
To 8 o'clock Mass.  Turned in new plants - made wells - watered them.  Wes took out stones from path - cut out two stumps in Wood Knoll area.  I transplanted the six Coralbells from there to wood pile path.  Also brought up 2 ferns from deer trail.  Cut grass where it needed it.  To Rosses at 5:15 for a cocktail.

1985 - Monday - 45° at 6 AM.  Beautiful day if you aren't a gardener and wanted rain.
Shopped Waldbaums - left film at Sturdevants - made copies of Garden Mart material which I had typed.
Watered - planted carrots and mare onions - dug up some of yellow narcissus in shade garden & planted them up [[?]] of North Slope.  Wes picked up debris near sheds and on South and piled it along upper road.

1986 - Tuesday - 52° at 6 AM - Foggy - cleared here at 9:15 - very warm.  To Mass.  I took 9:23 train from Purdy's - saw Mr Long - had chowder at Oyster Bar - Caught 12:48 train to Purdys - home at 2:30.  Wes had taken out 2 stumps (of Beech) from East steps and cut down saplings on North Slope.  He had put out all the seedlings from the Solar and did they need watering!  Sun very hot.  I watered transplants on South side - the bloodroot taken from Scodon roadside - Eileen's Sweet Woodruff loos good - cultivated part of perennial garden to remove Cleome seeds.  Nuclear Electric plant in Russia had a fire - radiation over Sweden.

1987 - Wednesday - 38° at 6 AM.  Clear cool sunny day - few sprinkles in afternoon.  To Mass.
I lined 2 wire baskets with moss - put both fuchsias into the big basket - transferred begonia into the smaller one.  Transplanted some snapdragon - finally starting to grow but still very small.  Wes dug up hydrant on north side of house, took it to Friendly Plumber - then many other places before he found a machineshop to repair it.  I planted lettuce & onions.  Wes racked up beech chips on compost path - used them on bog path.  I cultivated around Garden Room.

April 30

1983 - Saturday - 54° at 6 AM.  N.Y. Philomonic having fund drive on QXR - miss the music - found WNCN.
Cleaned house - prepared for visit of Eileen and her friend Vera Jenne here at noon with Boo.  Walked about and had lunch, took walk into Hemlock Hills - they left at 5 o'clock.
Wes cooked lamb chops on gas grill, first use this season.  Tulips coming out in triangle.
War day - nice breeze - strong wind in evening.

1984 - Monday - 49° at 6 AM.  Sun came over the hill at 6:24 - official rise 5:55.  Some winds and a few drops of rain but not the thunderstorm we hoped for to water the transplants.  I worked in Ballard Garden 8:30/12.  Picked up new reading glasses - had a haircut - bought bananas - went to bank.  Wes had shop time and continued working on stone wall.  He took a big stone from triangle garden (Northeast side) where I was cultivating.  Mike Mannion brought bill for repair of chimney $985.

1985 - Tuesday - 45° at 6:30 - beautiful day - very warm - hot in the sun.  To Mass.  I worked in Ballard Garden 8:30/12, getting gas enroute and a few groceries and bank on the way home.  Wes had picked up the brush on top of north cliff and putting it along road.  After lunch he picked up the stone dug out of planting holes on North Slope.  I watered all I could - transplanted the Heath and Potentilla bought from NY Botanical Garden.  Wes used two stones from North Slope to improve the path to new stone steps.

1986 - Wednesday - 52° at 6 AM - Fair - warm beautiful day.  Shopped.  Waldbaums and Marcus.  Spent most of day taking down deer cages - wire - put most in crawlspace - a big job but place looks great - hope deer don't come.
Wes transplanted the Clethra to top of East steps - preparatory to planting the Rhododendron Vasey, (Pinkshell Azalea), which the Carlsons will deliver tomorrow, in the Clethra former spot.  I dug up the Ilex hedge bushes and threw them over cliff - all winter killed.

1987 - Thursday.  46° at 6 AM.  Cold very strong wind not a good outdoor day.  However, I worked at Ballard Garden with Muriel in the morning, finished the back bed.  Wes waited for Hoffman - cleaned the furnace.
Delivery of gravel followed by topsoil at noon.  After lunch & nap he picked up the repaired hydrant, replacing it and after a couple of tightenings - it held.  Wes backfilled.  I researched the wild flower names, families - looked for pictures of them.  We were thrilled to see the Red Bellied Woodpecker at the suet - late in the season but welcome!  He had eaten Sunflower Seed last few days.
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