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May 7 

1983 - Saturday - 40° at 6AM - Beautiful day - Packed for trip to Deerfield - bus from Congregational Church Parking lot - left at 9:30 at Deerfield Inn 11:15 - pretty room - lunch - slide orientation show - guided tour of few houses - watched Derby Race -  cocktail - dinner - tour of Stebbin's house - bed - good day. 
(Keeler Tavern Trip) 

1984 - Monday - 42° at 6AM - Fog over pond when sun came up.  Some clouds in pm - cleared to warm breezy day - hoped for showers never came. 
To Agaray for garden supplies -  to Hollandia Nursery - bought 2 rhododendrons and 6 Stokes Ilex for hedge off garage shop.  Looked at White Pine and Linden - cancelled Pine from Pinchbeck - Wes dug hole to be sure we could plant Linden - OK - May come Wednesday.  Expected man to collect brush - never dame.  Ed Wright brought us dwarf meadow plant.    

1985 - Tuesday - 52° at 6 AM - Sun comes over hill at 6:21.  Cloudy AM - cleared PM.  To Mass.
I worked at Ballard Garden in morning - home for lunch.  We went over cliff - found lots of Bloodroot, Hepatica and American Ginger.

1986 - Wednesday - 52° at 6:30.  Had good night & there was a shower.  .15 in rain gauge - a little more rain in morning - so about quarter inch in all - very welcome.  Gizella and I went to Stamford for a walk - through Ruth Leviton's Garden - beautiful azaleas and plants.  Home for lunch after stop at Pinchbecks for fertilizer for Ballard Garden.  Wes had cut up beech near well - the one the saw broke on.  After lunch I transplanted Sun Drops to well path - Wes took stumps on Wood Knoll - brought up leaf chips to cover ground there.

1987 - Thursday - up at 5:45 - Beautiful day left at 6:45 for Atchley, lots of traffic but no tie ups.  Appointments with Drs. Puckner and Jacobs - both of us in good shape - my blood pressure 120/75 - stopped at Nobels enroute home - bought Azalea Prunifolium - Azalea "Witch's Broom of Sir Robert" - Columbine alpine - blue - planted them after a nap.  To Mary Luke's at 5:30 to welcome back the Sattlers from Buenos Aires.

May 8

1983 - Sunday - in Deerfield, Mass - breezy fair day.  To 7:30 Mass at Holy Trinity Church in Greenfield by bus - back to Inn for breakfast - toured three more houses - lunch - shopped at Crafts Store - bought mohair shawl for Eileen - walked through Deerfield Academy - admired buildings and old burial ground - bus left for home at 3:30 - reached Ridgefield at 5:40 - To Helen & Alex's for dinner - storm while there - home at 9:30.

1984 - Tuesday - 52° at 6 AM.  Cloudy - rain started at 9 AM - At 6 PM there was 6/10 inch.  I couldn't work outdoors in Ballard, so spent morning in Greenhouse - Stopped at Stop & Shop enroute home.  "Grounds Keepers" were picking up brush along road - Truckful - road looked good.  Had martini and long nap.  Made cake and cookies during afternoon rain.  Wes in shop.  Lost electricity 6:10 pm for an hour - car hit a pole on Ridgebury Road.  Wes made a fire in den - felt good.

1985 - Wednesday - 46° at 6 AM - Cool, clear day - great for working.  I picked up Hosta at Mrs Hull's - planted it in Ballard - worked there for an hour watering transplanted bushes and splitting Astilbe - stopped for gas and cleaners.  Home for lunch.  Howard Castle had gone over electric line for pool - Wes dug ditch and laid wire - right through new wall.  Nobel said pool was in - phoned Fine Framing Shop - prints are ready - planted Blue Salvia 'Victoria' in perennial garden - 6 lilies from Van Bourgondien - 2 pots Alpine plants on back steps.

1986 - Thursday - 52° at 6:30 - Beautiful morning - clouded rapidly - only a few drops of rain here - rain goes along coast unfortunately.  I worked at Ballard in morning.  Wes took out stumps on Wood Knoll - hit a big rock caught in the roots - took all his time removing it and refilling the hole.  I put Joan's geranium and cutting plants taken from it outside (planted) transplanted remaining tomato plants growing under lights - dug up Bloodroot on Wood Knoll and put them on cliff where I saw a wild one and also at foot of laurel bottom of Bog Path.  To 7:30 pm Mass for Ascension

1987 - Friday - 48° at 6 AM.  Cloudy - cleared to a beautiful day.  Wes transplanted one of the Rhododendron Maximum from Bog Path to spot near compost - hit a big stone which we were able to get out - put Leucothoe in Rhodo hole.  To town Wes' 11:30 appointment Dr Neligan - Blood Pressure 134/80 - I left donation plants at Greenhouse - checked grasses with Muriel Pedersen - lunch - quick nap - put plants from Solar into Kitchen.  Eileen came at 3 pm - we went to Keeler Tavern for 5:30 pm trip to New Castle, Del.
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