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June 16 

1983 - Thursday 62° at 6 AM - Hazy - hot - humid 
To 7 o'clock Mass.  Wes drove me to Ballard to work in garden in morning - make herb wreath for Sept. show after sandwich lunch - he returned for me at 3 pm - having shopped Ridgefield Supply for bars for sliders - reclamation center - Genevese for Visine - liquor store.  We cut 3 more holes in Impatiens Tower & inserted plants.  Cultivated laurel and leucothoe beds.  Wes continued bringing stones to cliff wall.

1984 - Saturday - 48° at 6:30.  Beautiful - a cool night - beautiful day - sunny - breezy (dry) cool at night.
Wes went to Young's for another mailbox post and worked on them all day - everything ready but nailing down the boxes by afternoon.  I worked on grounds - weeding - watering.  Bought more Nicotiana and Marguerites for sun garden from Hollandia and planted them - also a Browallia hanging plant.  To Elizabeth Hull's at 5:30 for a lawn party - her place looked beautiful.

1985 - Sunday - 58° at 6 AM - Raining!  1.75 in gauge at 8 AM - then cleared.  To 8 o'clock Mass.
Wes picked up all stones left from Tony Ongaro's wall making approach to Garden Room - took some to path above cliff, others he stockpiled behind log pile.  Eileen came at noon to bring us Radicchio - we had lunch - she left early - I planted the Radicchio - pulling out one row of beans eaten by bugs - cut grass - rolled up hoses - thunderstorm at 6 pm.

1986 Monday - in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Alveston Manor - breakfast - taxi to Hidcote Garden - open at 11 AM - Beautiful garden - made by Mayor Laurence Johnson now under National Trust - great number of "garden rooms" - beautiful roses - hedges - woods gardens - small brooks - pool garden - lunch in their restaurant - taxi picked us up at 3 pm returned to Alveston Manor - walked to park - had dinner overlooking river.

1987 - Tuesday - 60° at 6 AM - Beautiful day - not as humid - warm.
Wes went for gasoline - to cleaners - ordered fence posts at Youngs - Stop & Shop.  Took wheelbarrow tire to Nutmeg (it was flat) stopped at bank.  He weeded shrub border and edged.  I prepared for Passing Committee work in afternoon at Keeler Tavern Barn - took cookies to Patty Sticknoth for Boutique - Chris Clark for picnic lunch - worked until 4:45 - tired - Most members entries in.  Walked about garden picking flowers for show.

June 17

1983 - Friday - 62° at 6 AM.  Foggy - became warm - humid - not as hot as yesterday and sometimes a breeze.  Predicted thunderstorms never came.
Watered - planted Alyssum and Marigolds bought Wednesday.  Wes to Friendly Plumber - bought level arm for our bathroom sink (repaired it hurrily) electric cord for coffee pot - Ace - Newtown to inquire re bandsaw.  Worked on cliff wall.  I made dessert for tomorrow's dinner - cultivated.

1984 - Sunday - 58° at 6:30.  Cloudy.  Hope for rain.  To 8 o'clock Mass - announced no more altar girls.
Worked around place all day.  Wes finished putting up mailbox - looks great.  Raked leaves on north dell - throwing them over cliff.  I cultivated - watered all gardens - brought up perennial onion from rhubarb patch to wall top.  Planted more beans and lettuce.  Hoped for rain never dame here.  Wes cooked fillet on grill.

1985 - Monday - 58° at 6 AM - .15 in gauge from last night's thunderstorm.  Off and on sunny day - humid
Anne Franceschini here 8-10 to help me clean house.  Tony Ongaro here to continue work (flagging) on garden room.  Wes brought down sod to raise each side of walk to room.  I went to check Ballard Garden at noon, then to Congregational Church Hall to work on Passing Committee for Zone II meeting - took [[?Maria]] and [[?Balty]] Geranium and Mother Fern - left spiral - home at 5:15.  Picked daisies along road & at Louise McKeon's.

1986 - Tuesday - in Stratford-upon-Avon - took bus tour thru Cotswolds - Chipping Camden - Wool Market - beautiful country - our weather has been perfect - lunch at Stanton - walked thru church of St Michael and all the Angles - built by Normans - tower restored - drove thru Ford - temple Guiting - about 800' feet above sea level - Barley - wheat - Potatoes in falls.
Black/White Magpie Birds - stopped at Lover Slaughter.  Clear shallow river thru town - trout - back to Stratford thru Moreton-in-Marsh (The Spook Market) walked - dinner & bed

1987 - Wednesday - 60° at 6 AM - Beautiful day - sunny & cool.  Packed car - left at 7:55 for Garden Club show passing committee at Keeler Tavern - worked until 12:45 - many entries.  Wes picked me up - lunch - nap - brought up leaf chips for triangle back of Rhodo Garden.  Wes had picked up wheel for wheelbarrow - had gas tank for cooker filled.  Watered some spots as wind lays ground dry.  To Preview Party at Keeler Tavern at 6 pm - won firsts for Myrtle Standard (Par) Lemon Geranium (challenge) & HM for Garden Bouquet.  Gizella won first for Delphinium
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