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June 20

1983 - Tuesday - G had spent night with Eileen - left after breakfast for home - rain here .70 in gauge.
Picked up sticks - swept walk - shopped Waldbaum's - rain started at 10 - heavy during lunchtime - left at 1:30 for hospital despite Wes' telephone call not to come account rain - he has fever - on antibiotic and intravenous and catheter back in - feels miserable - didn't eat much. I drove to Eileen's for night in very heavy rain - glad to get there safely - much cooler temperature.

1984 - Thursday - 68° at 6:30 - Cloudy - humid. No Mass as Father on Retreat. I worked at Ballard 9-12 - shopping Stop & Shop afterwards. Wes had bought milk and eggs before I left! He continued work on Bog wall. After lunch and nap, I moved ferns onto cliff front of deck - watered, cut upper grass.
Warm and muggy - 40% chance of rain never came to us. Raccoon took new satellite birdfeeder off hook.

1985 - Friday - 54° at 6 AM - Raining - .34 at 9:30 AM - Very light showers off and on all day.
Went with Gizella to Olivers - bought a few wall garden plants and one Dwarf Pieris Japonica from Environmentals. Wes worked in shop. After lunch I planted the new material - the dwarf Pieris and 2 Dwarf Hostas in the Garden Room - we moved one Azalea 'Sir Robert' into Garden Room to get it away from fence along bog path - lost Satellite Bird Feeder - knocked off by grackel (?)  Wes couldn't find it over cliff.

1986 - Saturday - 66° at 6:30 - Hazy.  Had rain during night 4/10 inch - welcome.  Became clear and less humid by evening.  Left at 9:30 for Eileen's - exchanged hats (panamas from Smith & Hawken) Eileen had subway tokens and subway/train information for July 4th - to Heller's Shoes in Pleasantville - I bought a pair of walkers - to Cornell's for 60th Anniversary Pleasantville High School Class 1926 - Wes is Class 1927 - 29 people getting older - home via Pinchbeck where bought Peters food and dwarf Marigolds - planted them below wall to compost bin.

1987 - Sunday - 59° at 6 AM.
Sun coming thru fog & trees over deck was beautiful sight. Lovely day - sunny and breezy. To 8 o'clock Mass. Prepared for Castles' visit - here 12:30 - good make-up talk - they left about 5 o'clock - we cleaned up - had nap - read papers - watching re-run of "Jewel in the Crown" - still very good.

June 29

1983 - Wednesday - morning at Tarrytown. Wes in hospital. Beautiful morning - cool. Eileen phoned from work, going to Yellow Monkey and Roberts Scotts Kornes - picked me up - she didn't find table for Texaco but enjoyed looking - saw Imari jugs at Roberts for our mantel. She returned to Harrison - I left for hospital at 2:30 after calling doctor Puchner. Wes' fever down - catheter out - Wes feeling better - now has 14 year old roomate David Center - ear operation - I left at 6:45 - home in Ridgefield at 8 pm - Seemed to be 2:25 in rain gauge - paid Streeter. To bed at 10:30 after phoning family and friends re Wes.

1984 - Friday - 68° at 6 AM. Cloudy. Thunderstorm at 6 PM .30 inch rain - glad to have it as just finished the last transplanting.
Golf 8-10 - played by ourselves - muggy. I went with Gizela to Oliver's - bought rock garden plants - 2 Asclepias - Foamflowers etc. - planted them before the rain came - transplanted a lot of the Centaury where we put the Butterfly Weed. Wes found the Satellite Birdfeeder way down the cliff.

1985 - Saturday - 58° at 6:30 - Raining - .24. Very light showers off and on - did manage to get the South Grass cut in afternoon.
Did a wash - ironed - Wes looked over cliff for satellite feeder - no luck. We cut off little trees growing there - lots of stump shoots. Spread leaf mulch over rhododendrons and laurel along rhododendron path. Hung twirler and Cape Cod Wind Chime.

1986 - Sunday - 67° at 6 AM - Sun coming thru clouds - a beautiful day - warm sun - brisk breeze. To 8 o'clock Mass. Wes right leg painful from hip to calf - he had to rest all day. I made a casserole for the freezer for next week - then worked outdoors cultivating - moved some of the dwarf marigolds from back of Arborvitae to Triangle Garden - dug up Solomon Seal from bog path & planted them near shed. To Alex and Helen's at 6 for dinner which Father Tighe had forgotten about yesterday - Beautiful view.

1987 - Monday - 62° at 7 AM. Beautiful day - sunny, breezy. Did a wash. Wes continued on deer fence - finished south side. Discovered deer had eaten more Hosta behind shade garden. Cut grass. Put Orthene on all Rhododendron - also sprayed Pieris. Deadheaded native Columbine on and in wall garden - put seeds over cliff. Maybe some will grow. To Keeler Tavern's annual membership meeting potluck supper - Took Currant Bars - home at 9:30.
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