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February 13

1988 – Saturday - 20° at 6:30 – More snow overnight but hope storm is over – it was. We went out right after breakfast to shovel and rake. New snow was very soft and light so easy to shovel but underneath was wet and heavy. I couldn't clear the solar roof as bottom was ice despite clearing yesterday but I took off top layer.
To Alex and Helen's at 12:15 for a delayed birthday luncheon – roads in bad shape enroute there but plows had worked before we returned home.

1989 – Monday – 20° at 6 AM – Clear. Sun 6:52–5:28 
To Mass. To town – gasoline – Stop & Shop – Genovese. Copies made of Metropolitan Insurance forms – checked on Bleckwehl's dogs – home – took a mile walk – lunch. nap. I went to John Jay Mansion in Katonah – met Eileen there – talk on furniture by Robert Stock – home at 5:15. Wes repaired Hi-Lo Table – worked in shop.

1990 – Tuesday – 26° at 6 AM – Good day – windy – cooler. To Mass. Did crossword – To Stop & Shop. Safe deposit Box – Union Trust Danbury – to put in new Joint Texaco certificate – left black lizard shoes at shoemaker for soles/heels – took a mile walk – lunch & nap. Picked up sticks – banged down raccoon holes – took bows and cones from garage Christmas sprays and put them away. Wes in shop and read Raj. 

1991 – Ash Wednesday  – 24° at 7AM. Cloudy. Sun 6:53 –5:28. Cleared mid-morning – unexpected – clouded up in late afternoon. I returned Muriel Pedersen's Geranium Scarlet Eye to her - they are back from Antarctic! – shopped for milk, bananas and scallops at Grand Union. We took a mile walk. To 12 o'clock Mass. Lunch – nap – hobbies.
Brought down slide projector and screen. Viewed Wes slides – a couple good of grounds – and Nancy Callahan's slides of our garden as perhaps our entry in Sesqua Garden Club contest

1992 - Thursday - 10° at 6AM. Dark. Radio WQXR is very noisy these mornings.  Sun 6:53-5:27. Cold miserable day - supposed to snow - none until night but damp and cloudy. To Ace Industrial Tool - Wes bought drill - to  Hartford Office Supply, Bethel, for paper - carbon - bulletin board - to bank (second Treasury check on Veterans insurance dividend). Fabric Tree for a zipper for my white skirt - Home for lunch, hobbies - out only to fill feeder. 

February 14

1988 - Sunday - 20° at 6AM - sky brightening - days noticeably longer. Beautiful breezy winter day - nice sun.  
To 8 o'clock Mass. Read papers - worked on tax - Wes in shop - Martini in Solar for St. Valentine Day - sandwich. After a nap out to clear the deck of snow and ice - had to leave one layer of ice on - also cleaned south terrace and path to compost. Worked on Sunday's crossword  - hard. 

1989. Tuesday - 45° at 6AM. Went back to bed for a while. Sun 6:51-5:29. Won't see it today - rain predicted - light in the morning - but not during our trip to the city. Took 9:48 train from Purdy's to take Alex Ross' watercolor painting to a show - they being in Pittsburg for his brothers funeral. Everything went well after taxicab driver mistook  direction to 47 Fifth Ave - Salamungi Club - walked to Union Square for subway to 59th St - visited IBM "West" Show at Madison & 57th St - marvelous paintings & clothing - ate sandwich in atrium. 2:58 train to Purdy's - home at 4:45 - Good day. 

1990. Wednesday - 46° at 7AM. Partly cloudy. 6:51-5:29. Not bad in morning - quite cloudy in afternoon. Did crossword - took a two mile walk - Martini in Solar for St Valentine's Day - after nap I worked on Metropolitan refund of Wes' medical bills - mailed them from Backus P.O. and went to bank. Wes in shop and read. I cut out Black/White jacket. 

1991 - Thursday - 33° at 6AM - Snow had fallen over night - not the heavy rain predicted.  Sun(?) 6:52-5:29. Had trouble going up Sophia Hill to get to Mass at 7:30 but made it. Light rain melted most of snow - very foggy until late afternoon - temperature rose to 44. House chores - hobbies. To Billie Newell's at five - cocktail party for Nancy Carroll Draper. Home at seven. 

1992 - Friday - 32° at 6AM. Sun 6:52-5:28.  To Mass. About 3 inches snow - sander had been thru on roads. To Mass. Pulled snow from Solar roof - shoveled apron - front walk and terrace. Early lunch as Wes had to go to Dr. Beck, urologist, for ultrasound of bladder - received prescription for stronger pills.  Took a mile walk. Hobbies. Good sun in Solar for lunch and afternoon - over 70 there not quite 40° outdoors.  
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