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April 1

1988 - Good Friday - 40° at 6:30. Cloudy
Rain predicted for the weekend - light rain off and on during day - damp and miserable.
We went to Rosses to advise Alec on shed foundation. Then we shopped Stop & Shop and Brunetti - ham for Easter. Did crossword - couldn’t finish one corner. To 3 o’clock services at church - home at 5. Bit came to Eileen’s in afternoon after overnight at Neil’s. 

1989 - Saturday - 38° at 6:30 - Partly cloudy - windy - cool -damp. Did a work wash. To Stop & Shop for a few groceries, very crowded. Drove past Bleckwehl’s house to see shed dormer addition but didn’t go in as we expected as carpenters working. After lunch outdoor - we took more logs from south side and I raked area there - eventually we’ll have a cleaner Section

1990 - Sunday - 40° at 6:30 - Daylight savings time. Damp - gloomy - cool. To 8 o’clock Mass - I was Lector.
Relaxing day - read papers - tried to do crossword - hard. Wes had shop time. I redid sleeve tops of black & white jacket. Took a mile walk.
Wes cooked lamb chops at noon - had a martini

1991 - Monday - 32° At 6 AM. Partly cloudy -
Watched a pair of Wood Ducks flying around and resting in trees - wish we had a nesting box. Not a nice day - rainy & cold. Ridgebury Appliance (Whit) repaired washing machine - cold water control. 
To bank (crowded) Marcus - dropped off one trapped squirrel - took another one after lunch to Chestnut Hill & Spring Valley Roads - hope we caught the bird feeder climber.
Couldn’t finish crossword - unusual for a Monday. 

1992 - Wednesday - 32° at 6:30 Fair. Sun [[strikethrough]] 6:39-5:21 [[/strikethrough]] 5:39-6:21
Crossword had titles backwards! April Fool! Bought black spray paint - Stop & Shop - picked up sharpened clippers and scissors - Marcus. Lunch - nap
To Ridgefield Car Wash - Youngs to look at fence material- left fire hose nozzle lamp at Laura Joseph for rewiring - to bank and home. Spray painted the red wheel black - well house - rehung it - much improved. Rain started about 3pm - very light - to get colder -

April 2

1988 Holy Saturday - 44º at 6:30 - Cloudy - foggy Gradually improved towards sunset - only a few drops of rain during day - too bad - we need it 
Prepared house and dinner for tomorrow. 
Washed car in afternoon - Wes cleaned garage - Seeds coming up under lights in upstairs bath - brought some down to kitchen lights. Snapdragon seeds very slow - second planting hasn't shown yet.

1989 Sunday - Daylight Savings Time - 39º at 6 AM Clear - Couple Canadian Geese and 5 ducks - maybe Wood - on pond. Nice sunny day. Cool. To 8 o'clock Mass. Wes did desk work - reset all clocks. Took Billie Rosses and Punkie Scott to lunch at The Inn - home at four after a stop at Stop & Shop for sandwich fixings for tomorrow when Eileen will come up for Appraisal Day. I cleaned off wall garden. Wes rested

1990 - Monday - 42º at 6:45. Must have had shower overnight - foggy - Breakfast after Mass. Misty day - cool - no accumulation. To Stop & Shop - Texaco for gas - drugstore for Wes' eyedrops refill. 
Rest of day - hobbies - worked on crossword - took a mile walk in afternoon.

1991 - Tuesday - 34º at 6 AM. Cloudy - snow flurries - To Mass. 
Over cliff to limb up hemlocks and oak and cut some more blackberry bushes. 
I had lunch with Muriel Pedersen and Ricky Harrison who was down from the Cape - at Chinese Restaurant. Danbury Square. Worked around place for a little while - weather that good.

1992 - Thursday - 32º at 6 AM. Sun 5:37-6:22. Not a bad day - sunny until late afternoon - cold - windy
To Mass. Couldn't finish crossword. Wes set up T R - went for a haircut - regular barber not around so had to go to South Street Barber - slower - more expensive. He had the car filled with gasoline. I finished a white blouse but dont like the pattern - disappointing. We went over cliff with stepladder but couldnt reach branches wanted to cut from oak - so lowered orchard ladder over cliff and cut them off - big improvement. Gotti was found guilty of murder, etc.
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