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April 9

1988 - Saturday - 42° of 4:15 - cloudy - cleared after lunch- beautiful evening - unfortunately no rain
Wes had shop time. I wrote letters -
To Youngs for bird food and thistle - few groceries at Stop & Shop - to Titicus District Walking Tour - walked along water course and ponds - saw mill - grist mill - cider mill - talk by Madeline Corbin - very interesting - home at 4:45. Eileen's new roof started

1989 - Sunday. 38° at 6 AM - Light rain - good for our transplants - only about 1/8 inch - continued most of day.
To 8 o'clock mass. Read papers - worked on Sunday's crossword. I cleaned up the ironing - did mending. Martini at lunch time. Outdoors when drizzle stopped late in the afternoon to plan transplant moves.

1990 - Monday - 30° at 6 AM - clear - Beautiful day - sunny - windy - cool. To Mass. Did crossword. Wes went for a haircut - sent Tax Return from Danbury P.O. to bank & Marcus. I planted tomato, lettuce, & more Salvia Victoria, AGeratum, Cosmos & marigold seeds. Trapped three squirrels & took them to Wheeler Road. George Ventris & Son came to start well house. Bloodstone Perennials sent the rhododendron, laurel & azalea little plants - put them in upper holding bed. Picked out leaves from azaleas on wood knoll. Cut grass first time - lawnmower wouldn't start until PM

1991 - Tuesday - 62° at 6 AM. Warm - dry hot wind. To Mass.
Did crossword. Worked around place - picked up leaves on woodknoll - difficult with the wind. Put sprinkler on step rock garden. Wes wheelbarrowed so-called topsoil to upper holding beds - added what peat moss we had.
I planted [[strikethrough]] lettuce [[/strikethrough]] rest of onion sets.

1992 - Thursday - 34° at 7 AM. Holmdens with us Joan likes crosswords, so she finished today's. Dug up some of our aquilegia growing in upper bed and gave Joan one of [[D?]] Muriel gave me. To Ridgefield - picked up Sally at Bleckwehl's - to Hay Day Cafe for lunch - to Aldrich Museum - good building - I don't understand the art - dropped off Kelly - home to prepare dinner - back to Bleckwehl's at 7 as Joan & Hooker had never met Chelsea - Carolyn has started her new job with "Almost Family" - adult day care in Norwalk. Back home to watch "Morse"

April 10

1988 - Sunday - 37° at 6 AM. Clear - breezy - good day. To 8 o'clock Mass.
Got out clothes to take away - washed blouses & dress. Did work wash.
Shade installer cancelled appointment.
Worked outdoors in afternoon - picking up leaves - Mole doing damage in wall garden. Wes finished mulching leaves at shed - we then cleared Piper area of leaves - breeze moving more leaves on - Tired at night.

1989 - Monday - 32° at 6 AM. Cloudy until later in afternoon when sun came out for a beautiful evening. Cold day. To Mass. To Greenhouse to check on GCA plants - they looked okay - Stop & Shop - Liquor - on to Da Silvas Upholstery to pick up cushions for kitchen chairs - look good
Outdoors late in afternoon - Wes chopped down most of big beech stump on wood knoll - I took out bleeding heart; daylily etc. from old east of Solar - will use it for herbs. Wes still getting headaches after drops in left eye.

1990 - Tuesday - 45° at 6 AM - cloudy - To Mass. I met Muriel in Ballard Garden at 9 AM to go over work - not much coming up yet - meanwhile Wes went to Reclamation - Youngs (birdfood & fertilizer) gasoline for car $1.42 - Liquor - came for me - we shopped Grand Union - after lunch outdoors - Wes planted three of our little Spruces on slope - I moved two azaleas to make wider path near expected well shelter - cleaned up leaves from area. Wes "relocated" five squirrels - saw 3 more by quitting time!

1991 - Wednesday - Warm day with a very high wind - drying out everything.
Planted propagated roses for June show - not good roots. Also planted tomato, Cleome, and Cosmos seeds - put them on heat tray. Wes worked as stone path in Wild Garden - I trimmed step garden - planted rest of propagated Cardinal flowers. Lots of wildflowers out in heat - Shooting star foliage appeared. Bloodroot losing blossoms in heat & wind

1992 - Friday - 42° at 6 AM - Sun 6:24-7:30
Holmdens with us - they left at 7 AM - Joanie dropped the brown jersey skirt I gave her on the stairs! We straightened up house - did wash. I had seen a deer on south lawn early morning. Wes put fence along cliff edge at deck - found place where deer had entered (leaving some tail hair) in south fence - fixed that and one on North where deer may have gone out - brought down soil to fill holes dug by deer going after tulips. Patrick of Horizon Foods brought chicken kebabs and lamb chops. Beautiful day.
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