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July 22

1988-Friday-72° at 6 AM - Dark - gloomy - rain during night - cloudy day - humid but no rain. To Mass. Deadheaded - a lot of flowers gone - rain beat down many. Early lunch & nap as Wes went to Dr Yanity at 1 pm on his jaw - tooth filed down as bite off account probable broken piece - may hurt for a time. Shopped for groceries and to Reclamation. Went down cliff path - in very bad condition. Picked up Rosses - to Punkie Scott’s for dinner at 6:30 - Tempanellis - Mary Luke - Mark Sattler - Millicent ill.

1989 - Saturday 64° at 6AM.  Hazy Humid - Bad weather continues.  Left at 9AM for Rock Garden meeting on Propagation at Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (Exit 61 from Wilbur Cross - 4 mile on Whitney to Huntington - Church on corner - Red Cross [[appsete?]]). Good program on azalea-Rhododendron propagation - home at 3:15 - had stopped at Aspetuck for corn and blueberries - nap - walked about - dead headed - very humid evening

1990 - Sunday 70° at 6AM - Dark Cloudy - not bad sleeping despite humidity.  Terrible day - Thought there would be a storm but only a few drops. To 8 o'clock Mass.  Wes balanced the check book - we paid taxes and lots of contributions.  Phoned [[girls?]] - Deadheaded - moved some moss from wild garden to moss garden - the haircap moss looks beautiful there.  Made cookies and muffins in late afternoon when thought we were getting rain.

1991 - Monday 70° at 6:30.  Supposed to be a little cooler - it was but very humid still - not up to 90°.  Wes went for a haircut - bananas at Waldbaum's.  I did a wash - made coffeecake for next week's garden crew - bran muffins.  Watered south slope and with another length of hose, the wild garden.  Trimmed up the dwarf Japanese Maple.  Packed beans - watered all the vegetable and plant boxes.  Shower at six o clock - first rain in weeks.

1992 - Wednesday 60° at 7AM.  Fair - Cool night.  Treescape men (3) here - cut black beech off front door - the one along house / well path.  The small maple west of garden Room - lifted lots of oaks on knoll and the beech along front walk.  Wes continued weeding along road above mailbox Treescape put the chips there in a pile (very green) Wes will spread them later.  I returned extra chrome wand to Nicke - deadheaded. weeded behind shade garden

July 23 

1988 Saturday - 70° Saturday at 7AM - Not a bad day - saw the sun part time - rain at night. Did a wash. Wes made an opening in fence on northeast end and we brought up 9 Christmas Ferns to the North Slope - looks good. Lunch - nap. Wes tried to get fence post holes to renew fence at North - lots of stone - cleared path to facilitate work. I transplanted its Galax - growing to close to Trailing Arbutus - planted along path to well - brought pine needles to Arbutus.

1989 - Sunday - 72° at 6AM - Foggy HHH. To 8 o'clock Mass. I was Leator. Wes worked at desk all morning - bank statement - contributions - letters - Ray Brady on the death of Mary June 30th - I deadheaded -  cut grass.. put Auraryliss under deck - arranged plant watering with Izella while we are away - we trimmed grass edge - swept garden room.

1990 Monday - 73° at 6AM. Hazy - Dark - Humid Thunderstorm at 1:30 when we were at the doctor's only .15 but welcome. To Mass. Wes started replacing rusty chicken wire deer fence at compost. I did a wash, deadheaded - cut grass - To Dr. Monroe's at 1:30 - Wes bandaid on nose/cheek removed - return Aug 13th. We crow barred big stone from rock behind compost - to fit deer fence were across opening.

1991 - Tuesday - 74° at 6:30 - over slept a bit - loud night - thunderstorm at 1AM - only .20 but welcome. To Mass. Tondy Ongaro started the wall above the wall garden. Wes worked on check book - finally balanced it. I picked up Helen and went to Elms for lunch as Elizabeth Hall's guest - then on to garden club meeting at Ceil Ruggles - just arrived when first of many thunderstorms started - lots of rain - home at 4:45 glad to get in. Ridgefield Center lost power but ok here

1992 - Thursday - 62° at 6AM - Dark - Rain predicted. To Mass. Left at 9:30 for 11 o'clock appointment Dr. Howanitz - some [[leave?]] rain euronte. I have to do the Epledex treatment on face spots. To Eileen's for lunch - there at 12:15 - [[delivered?]] her new doors - off garage & up in attic. Home at 3pm - some rain enroute - our gauge showed .6. Nap To liquor store - Marcus - I had a hair cut - bought birthday card for Billie Newell at Hallmark - [[guigle?]] from William Sonoma  
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