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yellow. I saw two swans and 
some goldfish. Then we went 
to a [[an]] alligator farm. I saw 
lots of alligators. There were 
6000 alligators. There was a 
museum of wild anamals [[animals]]. There 
were more things than alligators 
there. There were ostriches, gray 
foxes, raccons [[raccoons]], monkeys, and 
pelicans. There were owls too. 
I saw a crockidile [[crocodile]]. There was 
an alligator with 5 legs. 
One grew from the middle of 
his back. There were alligatores [[alligators]] 
an inch long. They were babies, 
and were striped. They were 
the only ones for sale. They cost 
a dollar each. There were big 
alligators. I saw one eat a 
fish. I looked at the owles [[owls]]. There 
were four of them. They were 
horned owls. One looked as 
though he would like to 
nip my nose off. I saw a [[an]] albino

Transcription Notes:
difficult to read the number of alligators because of the crease in the page, but looks like the bottom and top of a "6" with the left side beyond the crease.

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