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wood, and Alfred University in New York.

Prior to assuming his Senate seat, he was an instructor in government and political science for nine years at Midwestern University at Wichita Falls, where he makes his home. He is now a trustee of SMU and Southwestern, where a John Goodwin Tower Chair of Political Science has been established.

Tower has made six tours of South Vietnam and other Southeast Asia nations. He has headed for the past four years the U.S. delegation to the International Wehrkunde Meeting, a NATO defense study conference held annually in Munich.

No admission will be charged students and public for Tower's 9 p.m. appearance in the Activities Center. However, tickets for admission must be secured in advance at the Activities Center office, Dr. Green said.

Other offerings include the Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans, Sept. 20; publisher-humorist Bennett Cerf, Oct. 18; the Taneo Wakayama repertory company of Edo Festival Music and Pantomime, Oct. 25; chamber music ensemble the Warsaw Quintet, Jan. 31; English international affairs authority Donald Grant, Feb. 28; baroque music group, the Philidor Trio, March 20, and American Broadcasting Co. science editor Jules Bergman, April 10.

In addition to these, three other notable personalities will appear this year at the University. They include pianist William Race in concert Oct. 10 sponsored by the WTSU music department, nutrition expert Dr. David H. Law in a medical lecture Oct. 13 presented under auspices of the Biology Department, and Christian Science Monitor editor Erwin D. Canham to speak March 6-8.

Prehistoric Lower Jaw Acquired By Museum

The lower jaw of a prehistoric phytosaur, recently acquired by the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, suggests that the creature might not have been an ideal house pet.

Judging from the length of the jaw, Bill Harrison, curator of anthropology at the museum, estimates the size of the creature to have been in excess of 20 feet. The jaw alone is about three feet in length, he says. 

The fossil was donated by a former Lubbock resident and amateur archeologist, William H. Skelton. 

Skelton, a former student at West Texas State University, excavated the jaw himself in nearby Palo Duro Canyon during the late 1930s. He kept it in a cement cast until recently, when he moved to Austin to take a position with the Board of Pardons and Paroles. 

Harrison describes the creature as being a crocodile-alligator type amphibian. He says the jaw dates back 180 million years to the Triassic period, when the Panhandle was mostly marshes and swampland. 

"This particular jaw is unusually large with many fine teeth," Harrison says.

He adds it was also unique in that the six large front teeth, each about three inches long and as big around as a nickle [[sic]], were found intact.

Harrison says the large teeth were probably used to catch prey. It is believed the creature fed on fish and other marine life. 

With the six large front teeth and the more than 30 smaller teeth, it is evident the phytosaur's diet was not restricted to small prey, he says.

Harrison says that during the Triassic period phytosaurs were quite prevailent [[sic]] throughout the Texas Panhandle. 

For several years, an entire phytosaur skull has been on display in the museum. However, it is smaller than the jaw donated by Skelton and bears few teeth.

Also donated by Skelton were a camel jaw and a lower jaw of a mamoth [[sic]]. Both were discovered near Clarendon.

The phytosaur jaw is broken in a few places and will need to be repaired before it goes on display in the museum.

Dr. Miller Selected Outstanding Educator

Dr. Jerry Don Miller, associate professor of business at West Texas State University, has been selected for the 1971 edition of Outstanding Educators of America.

In announcing the selection Aug. 10, publishers of the annual awards volume said the educators are picked on their talents in the classroom, contributions to research, administrative abilities, civic service and professional recognition.

Miller, 32, returned to West Texas State in 1970 after receiving a Ph.D. in finance at Louisana [[sic]] State University. He had taught here from 1936 to 1966.

Miller received Bachelor of Science in psychology and Master of Business Administration degrees at North Texas State University.

Miller, taught at Eastern New Mexico University from 1966 to 1968 and was a graduate assistant while working on his Ph.D. at LSU in 1968-1970.

Two Aid In Research Under Foundation

Two WTSU undergraduates participated in research projects sponsored by the Robert A. Welch Foundation this summer.

Michael Balch, Levelland senior, and Chris Tully, Canyon junior, received $200-a-month scholarships to assist in the research projects conducted at WTSU.

Balch, a bio-medical science major, worked with Dr. Eugene Crowder, head of the chemistry department, on a project involving infrared spectroscopy. 

Tully, a chemistry major, assisted Dr. James D. Woodyard, assistant professor of chemistry, in the study of carbenes and carbenoids.

Woodyard and Crowder derived the student salaries from research grants of $10,000 each.

Since 1966, the Welch Foundation has awarded research grants to six members of the WTSU chemistry faculty. Students participating in the research projects since 1968 have numbered over 30.



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