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And then this last, this picture that I was drawing, that I told you that I had, that this lady told me I had to draw, when I got up at Saturday morning and I finish that picture, I drew that priest, the one that was standing there keeping that fire, just like him.  So when I went up Monday morning, George and my son David and his wife and the other two children, when I went in there Madam Tula was there.  Lots of people around and she looked up over my head, looked right up.  She said, " Oh, yes--" Now, there's a crowd of people.  I didn't tell her anything about my children.  She said, "Yes, you have your children with you."  Then she looked at my oldest granddaughter. She said that Minnie Louise has a talent to bring strange music into the world, just like I have this strange pictures.  She said, "Music that has been forgotten." She said, "That child's going to bring it out."  She said, "Then, there is a  unborn child, [[right margin]] end of second side of tape 2 [[right margin]] born with a great talent."  So there were two children born since then.  I don't know which one it is but I believe it's going to be our little granddaughter Jackie.  And--  But she said Minnie is going to bring music.  One thing about those girls--

MRS STARR: Does she make music, Minnie?

MINNIE: She don't take music.  But you know what they did do when I had the piano home?  She and her sister Teresa, they played music but they didn't play no air.  How they learnt themselves to play notes and play songs like they did, I don't know.  No one has ever told them one note, not from any one.  And Teresa, she plays "Rock of Ages," plays every note there is in that book on that song.  No one has ever taught her anything.  And so I think--  Who knows? I had a uncle, my Uncle Robert.  He was the same way.  He
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