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MRS STARR: Did you ever see your father to speak [[strikethrough]]of[[/strikethrough]] to?

MINNIE: Oh, yes. I saw him to speak to him.

MRS STARR: Oh, good.

MINNIE: And things like that. But he was dead more than about a year and a half or two before I knew it.


MINNIE: And I just ranned upon it accidentally, you know. Well, you know, some of the men don't want to be bothered with the outside child.

MRS STARR: Yes. Yes.

MINNIE: So then I was one of those.


MINNIE: And so I didn't--

MRS STARR: Do you know whether--

MINNIE: --didn't worry me

MRS STARR: Do you know whether he did any painting or anything?

MINNIE: I don't think so. I don't believe he did. I believe this painting part came from my side of the family. Of my uncle and thing. I think that's where it all come from.

MRS STARR: Is that the uncle that did the picture of Grandmother Rachel--

MINNIE: Yes. Uh-huh

MRS STARR: --Great Grandmother Rachel.

MINNIE: That's right.


MINNIE: So that's where I think all this--
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