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of them. A lady two years ago she was down here with Mr. David Root. He was secretary of the Chamber of Commerce but now he's over in the radio. He's merchandize for the radio or something like that. You know what you call them. You know writes up all those radio programs that's what he do now. And this lady came down there with him. She

NHS Which lady?

M.E. I don't know who she was. He told me her name but her name is peculiar and I [[strikethrough]] can't [[/strikethrough]] couldn't think of those things. But anyhow she's a photographer for Time Magazine, in New York. She said Minnie [[strikethrough]] when [[/strikethrough]] if ever your pictures [[strikethrough]] when [[/strikethrough]] anyone ever get them you tell David Roots so he can write to me. She said I want to be with you. She says its not in the money question. I don't a thing. This [[strikethrough]] are [[/strikethrough]] gonna [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] be the biggest thing that hit New York. I said madam do you think so. She said I know it.

NHS You don't remember her name?

M.E. I do not. I have to call Mr. Roots up and ask him. If you do he'll give me her address and if he do I will send it to you cause she said she want to be in on it. She says Minnie is going to be one of the biggest things that hit New York. I said really she says when it comes I want to know it.
I am sure I can get the wreath all perfectly good. I think I might can get a really good picture of that. I'm going to sign on it anyway because that's the one when God spoke to me. He said I am Jehovah Your God. This light that you see shall shine around all of you. That was a beautiful light behind that wreath. You see the wreath was in front I didn't see it. I was [[strikethrough]] going [[/strikethrough]] laying there, the light had to be back here to shine to get the shadow of that wreath. Great big wreath and right behind that shadow was another beautiful golden light and that's where God spoke to me through that and I was the happiest soul in the world. (laughter)

NHS I wanted to ask you-

[[dashed line]]

M.E. Yes some of them, a good bit of them stopped but most of those terrible dreams I had was when I was a child, small. My mother and grandmother they didn't understand. I never slept. I never rested. I was just tormented and because I was just laying around half drowsy and half asleep they said I was lazy but I wasn't.

NHS You say that stopped after you [[strikethrough]] grew up? [[/strikethrough]] were married


M.E. Yes, all that stopped all those terrible dreams stopped. I didn't have anymore of those but I would have some kind of a day vision. I would go to sleep in the day and some kind of [[strikethrough]] way [[/strikethrough]] a - Oh, I don't know. I can't express it. Some kind of a vision, funny [[strikethrough]] dream [[/strikethrough]] things, I can't express it and I can't see would take the advantage of me or something other and I would lay down after I would get through try to cook breakfast or something for my babies but I was laying down all day nearly bout. I couldn't get up. I couldn't do nothing. I couldn't. Well late in the afternoon seem like after the sun [[strikethrough]] of the day [[/strikethrough]] or thing go down. Funny of it was it [[strikethrough]] lifted [[/strikethrough]] would lift up off [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] me and then I could go and kind of work and kind of do. These pictures really in my early life made I don't know. It was something I had to do and I [[strikethrough]] couldn't [[/strikethrough]] didn't understand it. [[strikethrough]] Or it [[/strikethrough]] If I could have started then

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