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have a lawyer or something like that. So I got him. I told Lawyer Rountree I wanted him to be in the middle (laughter) stand between me and whatever's happening because he know. He says alright Minnie. He would. But I didn't have no idea it was going to be all of this you know. 

NHS. That's good.

M.E. Cause I didn't know nothing about. I didn't have any idea.  

NHS. Did Lawyer Roundtree have an exhibition? Did he have an exhibition in his home of your work? Did he have an exhibition of your work? 

ME. No [[strikethrough]]8m[[/strikethrough]] mum he didn't (NHS. well) No he didn't.
NHS. Where did you have an exhibition? There was a man that wrote up a contract about my work but I don't know what become of him, Ben Earl [[strikethrough]]Newman[[strikethrough] Lomey. I don't know what become of him.[[strikethrough]]When I first went to New York earlier that morning xxxxxxxxo after the children she got them off to school and then he called her and told her to lookeast at the rainbow and she said it was the xxxxx prettiest sight she ever saw[[/strikethrough]]


MRS. KELLY Earlier that morning after the children went to, she got them off to school and then he called her and told her to look east at the rainbow and she said it was the prettiest sight that she ever saw in her life. All colors was in the [[strikethrough]]w[[strikethrough]]ast east and he called and said Minnie do you know who this is talking to you. She said this is God talking to you and you must do what I tell you or' die. You got it to do. So that's the reason and the small, don't look like nothing but marks and things on them piece of paper about that wide and that long two of them
NHS Yes, I know those yes

MRS. KELLY and she had them. Well the lady was  [[strikethrough]]splaining[[/strikethrough]] going to explain it all to her she said when she come back but she died. (NHS oh)She didn't get back. So she taken them, had them on the table in the front room and when she went to clean [[strikethrough]]them[[/strikethrough]] up to sweep after the children went to school and she swept them on out with the other trash and carried it out in the back yard when she got through to burn the trash up and all the other burnt but them. It just burnt round them and left them and so she taken them up and carried them back in the house and she got them yet somewhere. 

NHS. I have them or at least I have copies of them (Mrs. Kelly. yes). She copied them

MRS. KELLY. She had to carry them back and they told her that she had to draw. So she went back to drawing and he said you got it to do or die because you got to draw until you draw the end of time. You got it to do. Well she ain't never been like no other child playing and nothing

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