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[[strikethrough]] aspis [[/strikethrough]]; Chionaspis purpurus camellinel Aspidotus juglans-regiae; Diaspis lanatus; Lecanium persicae; Lecanium prunastri; remedies for orchard scale; preventives - inspection and quarantine laws. 

L. O. Howard. 
The Shade-tree insect problem in the eastern U.S.
Year-book of the U.S. Dept. Agric., 1895, June 1896, 361-384, 11 figs. 
Introductory; Galerucella luteola; Orgyia leucostigma; Hyphantria cunea; relative immunity from insects of   [[strikethrough]] various [[/strikethrough]] different varieties of shade trees; general work against shade-tree insects in cities and towns. 

William H. Ashmead. 
Description of a new species of Telenomous
[[strikethrough]] used by [[/strikethrough]] bred by Mr. F. W. Urich from a Coccid. 
Journ. Trinidad Field Nat. Club, II, August 1895 p. 220.
Describes Telenomous minutissimus n.sp. 

William H. Ashmead. 
Description of a new genus and new species of Proctotrypid bred by Mr. F. W. Urich from an Embiid. 
Journ. Trinidad Field Nat. Club, II, pp. 264-266. 
Describes Embidobia, n.g. and E. urichi, n.sp.

William H. Ashmead. 
Report on the Parasitic Hymenoptera of the Island of Granada, comprising the families Cynipidae, Ichneumonidae, Braconidae and Proctotrypidae. 
Proc. Zool. [[strikethrough]] S [[/strikethrough]] of. Lond. 1895, April 1896 pp. 742-812. 
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