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Fall Term and Seventeenth Year Opened
Tuesday, October 5th, 1915

Domestic Art, Industrial Art, Commercial, Music and English. Excellent opportunity for small groups and specialized classes. Age, sex or previous training no bar to entrance if applicant has good character. 

Helpfulness our object.   Efficiency our aim.
Evening session. Write Now.

1926 South College Avenue   Philadelphia, Pa.

Graduate Institute of Musical Art, Organist and Director of Music St. Mark's M. E. Church
Teacher of Theory and Piano
Theory course embraces elementary and advanced Harmony or Counterpoint. 
Private or Class Work
Studio: 30 W. 132d STREET, NEW YORK CITY

Books? See the Selected List on the Inside Front Cover. 

The Story of a Little Colored Girl
Mary White Ovington
Author of "Half A Man"

This charming story, which has given pleasure to hundreds of children-and to grown-ups as well-is an appropriate Christmas gift. Well printed and beautifully bound in red and gold.
Price $1.00
Postage extra

We want good, live agents to handle this book and are offering especially advantageous terms for the same. 

70 Fifth Avenue      New York

"The White Man's Burden"
An Unusual Novel

Would you like to read an interesting story of the day when the Negro race will lead civilization? Then read

The White Man's Burden
Published by the Gorham Press, Boston
PRICE $1.00. Postage 6 cents
Can be had at the office of 
THE CRISIS, 70 Fifth Avenue

"I have read this book with interest and recommend it to my friends. It has a fine lesson in its breast which is voiced in the concluding lines: 'The white man's burden is himself.'"  W.E.B. DuBois



Vol 11-No. 1       
NOVEMBER, 1975          
Whole No. 61

Along the Color Line


MRS. META VAUX WARRICK FULLER, the sculptress, of Framingham, Mass., has designed a beautiful medallion donated to the Equal Suffrage League, as her contribution to the suffrage campaign fund. The Evening Framingham News says: "It beautifully typifies the message of equal suffrage without having any of the limitations of propaganda. The medallion is of plaster, finished in ivory or white. On it are three heads in profile-a man, a woman, and a child-with this model from an old poem: 'Each unto each the rounded complement.' It will be a think of beauty and a message of truth long after the vote is won throughout the country."

An interesting drawing by L. Pasternak, designed to serve as an illustration to an essay on Aldridge and Taras Shevchenko, has been reproduced in the International Studio. Of the drawing, "The American tragedian, Aldridge, and Taras Shevchenko, the poet of Ukraine," it is stated-"The national poet of Ukraine, who was also a gifted draughtsman and etcher, became acquainted with the American tragedian Aldridge in 1858 at the house of Count Fedor Tolstoi, at that time Vice-President of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, and the acquaintance thus initiated developed into a warm friendship, in spite of the fact that they could understand one another only through the medium of an interpreter. Shevchenko drew a portrait, now in the Tretiakoff Gallery in Moscow, and the occasion has been reconstituted by L. Pasternak in the drawing now reproduced."

In an article on "The Impress of Personality" in The Musical Quarterly, Mr. Percy Grainger, the Australian composer, emphasizes the importance of the American Negro's work in music, and says of the New York Clef Club: "It is more than worth one's while to travel across the Atlantic to hear. . . The compositions they interpret are art music, and reveal the strict harmonic habits of the written art, but the ease with which those members of the club who cannot read musical notation learn and remember intricate band and choral parts by heart (often singing tenor and playing bass) and many individualistic and rhapsodical traits in their performances suggest the presence of instincts inherited from the days of communal improvization. The qualities are nowhere more in evidence than in their exhilariting renderings of two fascinating choral numbers by that strangely gifted American composer, Will Marion Cook's 'Rain Song' and 'Exhortation,' and in themselves works of real genius and originality that deserve a world-wide reputation."

The Riverside Male Quartet of Boston, Mass., assisted by Mr. W. H. Richardson, baritone, was heard at Stratham, N. H., before the New Hampshire Federation of Women's Clubs, early in September.

Mr. Roland Hayes, tenor, of Boston, Mass., was presented at a musical held by the Lake Placid Club at Lake Placid, New York, at the close of the summer season. Mme. Marcella Sembrich, who
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