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self. She said "my face was familiar but she couldn't place me" - and after I placed myself, - she could not remember my name!! - Didn't I feel — I don't know how? She said that she herself was the same, only pointing to her head, "this is the other womans hair"! She wore a full wig!! However, it was a pleasant episode. - Cecil spent some time here today, so big and so angelic,- also Aunt Sallie and Cecilia.- We are full of these weddings this week, and last night I went out to Chestnut hill with W. F. B. to see how to give away Bessie Biddle. George Pepper - the hero of our Greek play - is to be "best man", & I was glad to meet him socially, without petticoats. Seems like a fine fellow and full of push & go. - The groom elect is not a very inspiring person - but I dare say he is so, to his bride. She had the usual supply 

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of china and glass from Colwell and Baily - and no end of presents - Daisy Bacon is depending on Etta to marry her properly. & Myra is doing the general house work - don't know how to feed them - and Etta is doing the best she can to help all parties. So you see how our little world moves on. Donaldson family bundled in today - blasting chill goes on very heavily in the street - and we are getting tired.- It is such a long battle - cannonade - and shakes us - more than we were ever shaken before.- Miss Mary Brown called here yesterday - and is very full of interest in you. We are getting very anxious about your Italian tour - and your escort. The Toby's & Annie Morris -

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From reading this letter, it seems that the right page should be read first and then the letter continues on the left page.

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