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he replied that he was looking for the butter—  It distressed Radcliffe not to jump to his feet every time we did - but he enjoyed it immensely and indeed they all did - and raved over the scramble and potatoes which of course they never have here—   We had an awfully good cake with the fruit for dessert and I had written verses for each of them on the back of their cards which were flanked with a [[margui?]] beside their plates—  Will it amuse you to hear them?   This is Radcliffe's—

When prowls abroad the mighty tusker
When fitful gleams the tiger's whisker. 
When fearful natives cringe and crawl. 
In Her Majesty's Dominions at Bengal. 
On fire their savage blood to spill. 
A Radcliffe shoots! and all is still.

Mr Harrison's —
Oh who can bear comparison? 
was painter ever seen,
who for ocean blue or green,
or glimmering opal sheen,
with pinky throbs between,
most mooningly marine,
who can then bear comparison
with Alexander Harrison?

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Mr Hoeber's — (His name is Arthur)
Laugh when we [[strikethough]] may [[/strikethough]] will laugh when we [[strikethough]] will [[/strikethough]] may 
We never can be really gay
Nor dislocate one bones with laughter
Nor rear aloft the groaning rafter*
At Studio tea or garden party-
without our Super-pundant Arty.

[[right margin]]
*Take the roof off-
[[/right margin]]

Benjamin —
Dear Benjamin in our hours of ease,
We're not so very hard to please.
But when the water will not boil,
And we're entirely out of oil -
And the lemon has gone dry
And the biscuits have gone by -
Comest thou then to one relief-
Mindst [[Mindest]] our brews and soothest our grief-
Oh Benjamin go where you please
You're indispensable at teas.

May's —
If I had a treasure I'd give it to May
Most chummie - beloved she is in her way
A Memling# a gem-ling a beamish bouquet
If I had a treasure I'd give it to May.

May with a little help wrote this for me —
"When Cecilia Beaux came to the Coast of France
She swore with a comprehensive glance
For all the men both handsome and queer
Must come and be painted by me here".

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#A Memling is an old master whose Madonna's May resembles.
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