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to go to Julien's [[Julian's]] for three months - half the day—   Leaving early enough to be at the studio and through my lunch by one if possible - However none of this is settled yet—  The Main Thing is to paint one portrait - and do my best—  I would go to Lasar and simply draw - for a short time only I am afraid that if I give up Julien's [[Julian's]], my chances of the Salon will be small as there is going to be much more chance of being left out this year than usual and I daresay I shall be less lucky than with my first venture—  It is a tremendous distance from here to the rue de Berri and comparatively easy to the Passage as there is an omnibus that goes directly there from here - And I dont feel as much afraid of the Passage as I did especially for a short morning 'séance'   It is always full and as far as I can see the girls don't get ill except perhaps from staying all day 

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Send all mail henceforth to - 30 rue de Vaugirard—
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off The Main Café - where we dined had a small window fall of fruit and a white curtain hanging inside. One waiter was the image of Matthew Arnold - and we had as much as we could eat in four courses for 3.75 for both  that is .37½ cents apiece  And I bargained with the suave proprietor to the effect that if we go by the month we can have the same thing that is, soup - roast with salad, a vegitable, and dessert - for 3 frcs - .30 cts apiece!  Think of it - with a clean polite waiter and all the nice table linen and good cooking.  We shopped afterwards among the narrow gas-lighted streets for our supplies - lamp to make our coffee, or rather chocolate, petrole, bread, butter etc—  May [[monté a ?]] the milk to us in the morning, and we made ourselves our little chocolate, without much trouble—
We have just finished our dinner, on our little table beside our little fire.  We have a sweet chamber-maid named 'Jean' and he is garçon too and 

Transcription Notes:
Académie Julian I'm fairly certain pages 39 & 40 are missing the same difficult word, both having to do with food (milk & dinner). If you can figure out this word, see if it fits on the other page. --->Answer: Could it be "monté a"? It seems that on both pages Beaux is trying to say "brought up the..."

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