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It was strange we did not meet him He is [[underline]] extremely [[underline]], plain ridiculously, plain but very agreeable of course and just the sort of person one meets in C- He sits next [?] at table and often hovers near us - mad - in a little greek book between whiles - the other morning he read aloud to us the whole morning from 'thy fears'- [?]
I have made sketches of them all in their books. We never speak to anyone else - though all the people [?] common are good natured and respectable- there is an old maid Miss Irwin from Phila on board and a sister I think - I'm curious to know if they are - [[underline]] The [[underline]] Miss [[underline]] Irwins [[underline]]as they look a [[underline]] little [[underline]] like Miss Sanford. but they are not - attractive and I left them alone - I suppose I shall be advised when I get [?] and whether to go straight to B.H. or to [?] Phila - I would like to see to my studies but dread several hot days in Phila and want the fun of unpacking my things in the [?] - arm of of my family - they say we are near Nantucket now - so we are not [?] far from you - 
We are sailing under bright skies and sluggish [?] seas. Night is crisp and sparkling - yesterday it was glassy as [?]. We are cheerful now surrounded not [[underline]] this [[underline]] movement - but most of the Time by the three nicest men on board. We and they are [?]. The only ones who are not of the cooks party order. We drifted together as soon as our health would permit and have sure remained inseparable. We were nearly desperate some of the time - I cant separate any of the facts of the early part of the voyage. It was simply  one horror - our stale room (which if you remember was the only one to be had and if we had not taken it we should have had to delay two weeks longer. This was the only thought that supported me - as oceans and ships, attack both my mind and body.)
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