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KidSat Instrument Flight 2

[[9 images, graphic chart]]

Cargo-bay camera
Dedicated CTVC Color CCD Video Camera (Ku or S-Band Downlink)

[[typed on top of line from Cargo-Bay camera to Ku-Bar]] CCTV

Ku-Bar [[typed at right side of 3D trapezoid]]

link (Ch [[typed on top of line and under Ku-Bar label
directing reader down to diagram of 3 children in front of computer monitor]] 

2 or 4 Mbps
128 kbps [[typed on and below double headed arrow from Ku Bar diagram]]

Data subset downlinked to WhiteSands/DomSat and routed to KidSat Info System for real-time processing [[label at top of image of three children holding note pads standing and sitting in front of computer]] 

6 MBytes/raw
2k x 3k color CCD

Cameras are bracket mounted to Flight Deck overhead window.

KidSat Camera
(Modified Kodak DCS-460 IR)

Camera Lenses
50 mm
105 mm
180 mm
300 mm
400 mm

Electronic Still Camera-2
(Modified Kodak DCS-460)

[[image, directional arrow]]

(IBM 486 ThinkPad Computer-Model 755)
w/ expansion chassis(not shown)

Removable 350 MB hard discs for image storage

Lossless image data set available post-flight

Ku-Com or Orbiter Com Adapter
Payload Data Interface Panel

J. Bak

Transcription Notes:
There are directional arrows to and from. Wasn't sure if these needed to be transcribed. Signature at the bottom right corner is incomplete. Transcription includes the visible letters of the signature.

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