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I always feel quite ashamed when I am so long writing to you. It is not because I donot think of you often and love and respect you as the head of our family but I am sure you will understand how one is not as vigorous or energetic as the years pass by so just can't keep up to all the things they should. Springtime is upon us with balmy air and budding trees, how I love it. Yesterday


was Palm Sunday. A beautiful day crowds attended all the churches. 

I have not seen Belle for a long time I seem not to be able to persuade her to come on to Phila She is well. Mr. Temple has charge of a small church she is hoping to persuade him to retire at the end of this year. he is quite deaf and as you know old and She says she has so much to do to help him hold a charge. She is weary of it all. 

She tells me Carlie is home in Chicago with no charge