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Rochester, N.Y.

December 20, 1927

Maika Ahnkutti-Tci Ori:

My heartfelt blessings and felicitations go out to you on this occasion. May it indeed be a Christmas of love and complete happiness. When I read both of your letters I felt that it was an answer to the old question of the meeting of the irresistable force and the irresistable object. What hap;ens when they meet ? They met and -- look what happened! They became as one. You did right, and I only hope that the adjustment of your lives will be smooth and without the grinding of the gears that happens with younger people. Certainly your life aims and your backgrounds in life have not been dissimilar in some respects.

Well, now I can call you Brother, indeed, and I have a nephew that any old Uncle can be proud to claim. Hail, Mitciliko ! May I weave many a tale that you will thrill to hear.

Your account of the expedition interests me greatly. It looks like a wonderful chance to open up something that is bound to shed new light on the cultures and migrations of the far west. It is intriguing to me. I can't be there but Endeka can, and that is splendid.

My work goes on apace and seems successful. I skate on thin ice sometimes to cut across to prizes, but so far I have not sunk. We are growing and I am greatly heartened with our little plant. Don't miss me when ypu come Eastward again.   We will have a great reunion.

Love to one and all, and a very Merry and a very Joyous Yuletide

Faithfully yours,
[[Gawasowanneh's signature]]
Brother Arthur Gawasowanneh